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4 Photo Editing Apps That Bloggers Are Obsessed With

There are so many photo apps available and many of us are weary of spending any money on them, luckily there are paid and free apps well worth the download and effort! I personally held out as long as I could in the photo app buying department. However, I started getting that FOMO feeling, wondering how certain Instagrammers were creating such stunning images post after post. How did they make that photo look so perfect, colorful, cropped just right?! I did some research, a few years back, found the perfect ones, and still use these apps to date. Here are the four I recommend.

A Color Story

A Color Story
Photo: acolorstory.com

Two must-have apps were created by sister bloggers Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess. What started as A Beautiful Mess blog is now “a women’s lifestyle company focused on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle.”

A Color Story is great for making photos that have white more vibrant and bright. Given its name it does not disappoint, the colors really pop, especially in the add-on filter pack Candy Minimal in partnership with Matt Crump.

Features the app includes:

  • 20 editing tools
  • Create and save custom filters
  • Color fogs

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess photo app
Photo: iTunes/A Beautiful Mess

With A Beautiful Mess you can create more of a graphic-driven image or layer images on top of each other for a dynamic and unique image or inspiring shot. 

Features the app includes:

  • Filters and photo editing tools
  • Graphic border with the ability to change the color of the border
  • Pre-loaded drawn-like doodles which include a balloon, emojis, arrows, hearts and more
  • Text – ability to add text in various fonts or sizes and colors
  • Cute preloaded phrases like “hello!” “You da best!”  and “ooh la la!” are the fun to play with too


Photo: iTunes/Snapseed

Do you look at sunset photos or landscape images and wonder why they look so radiant or void of dark shadows?  Try Snapseed to get the look and it is FREE, made by the geniuses at Google!

Features the app includes:

  • White balance
  • Ability to only saturate or brighten a specific color in the photo with the selective tool
  • You can quickly see the before and after before to decide if you like the editing path you are taking
  • Their latest update also includes filters like the HDR, double exposure, frames, and noir


4 Photo Editing Apps Bloggers Are Obsessed With HipLatina
Photo: Afterlight.us

If you want to create artsy images with layers of photos and have fun with prints or light effects, try Afterlight. 

Features included in the app

  • 128 Frames
  • 78 Natural textures
  • 74 Filters

I’ve created some awesome before and after photos that you can check out here.

Other photo apps worth mentioning include PicsArt, After Photo, PhotoGrid, Aviary, and of course VSCO.

There is a lot more to a successful Instagram other than photo editing, but it is one of the biggest tools to use that are easily available and affordable. Try as many as you can and find what you prefer or what works for your aesthetic.