pink full moon
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Channel Tonight’s Pink Full Moon to Let Go of Pain and Suffering

We’re already a quarter-way through 2017 (crazy, right?!) and we are all looking for ways to move forward with a positive outlook and rid our minds of pain of the past. In my daily perusing I stumbled upon an article that shared the teaching of the Buddhist practice and how they celebrate their New Year with the first full moon rising in April.

This Pink Full Moon is said to be the time for “Letting Go of Pain and Suffering,” praise the Lord! I need all the guidance and help to move this year along. The color pink is about healing and hope. I have shied away from pink and was rooted with Red. Red is strength, passion, fire, and power. Today I am working from a place of compassion, unconditional love, and the feminine devine. Tonight I will open myself up to the healing and hope.

This is what you will need:

Bowl of Water

Votive Candle and matches

Pink Himalayan or Natural Sea Salt

Rose Oil, or pink petal leaves

Pink Crystal

Experience shared from the Elephant Journal.

Fill the bowl with water, if possible from the ocean or lake, otherwise water with pink Himalayan salt or natural sea salt is a suitable option.

Place the bowl on the ground in front of you and light the floating candle in the bowl. Then drop in the rose oil, or pink petal leaves. If you have pink crystals, these can also be placed in the water to enhance the effects of the ritual.


Write on a piece of paper anything you wish to release. It can be a word, a sentence, or entire paragraphs full of detail — whatever feels necessary to purge at the time.

Read out loud what has been written and then immerse the piece of paper in the water so that the painful energy radiating from the memories can be cleansed and transformed.

The flame from the floating candle is a purifier and will neutralize any negativity emanating from the note and will also symbolize our firm intention to let go of any pain attached to it.

Here’s to letting go of the painful past and moving toward a bright future!