12 Things To Know About Plus-Size Colombian Model Natalia Lorenzo

Recently plus-size model Natalia Lorenzo went viral on Twitter

Photo: Instagram/lordenzo__

Photo: Instagram/lordenzo__

Recently plus-size model Natalia Lorenzo went viral on Twitter. The model was praised for showing off her back chichos in an ASOS ad, making us all proud of having our own. The tweet left us wanting to know more about the gorgeous plus-size beauty. Here are 11 things to know about Natalia Lorenzo.

The model was born in Cartagena, Colombia.


Like many of us, Lorenzo moved to the states. at a young age. Her family moved to Florida when she was seven. “My mom met my stepfather in Colombia while he was on a trip and they married and we moved to the US,” she told HipLatina. She currently lives in London. 


She experienced bullying. 


Lorenzo was always a plus-size young girl and shared with us how she was bullied in Junior High School and throughout High School because of her weight. 


She struggled with eating disorders.


Lorenzo has shared in previous interviews and on Instagram about her past eating disorders. “In 7th grade I put it in my mind that I HAD to stop eating,” she wrote. “Like all I could think about when I ate was calories & how much carbs & fat was in what I was eating … I mean it was CONSTANTLY on my mind. So for a while I stopped eating and when I realized that I was becoming weak and could barely function through the day, I then resorted to binge eating and then it being followed up by me sticking my fingers down my throat to throw up. And I would do it again & again & again … and NOBODY knew, not my friends, not my teachers, not even my mom. I was so ashamed of what I was doing yet I couldn’t stop because if I did all I could think about was how fat I was going to get.” 


She’s a body positive activist.


The model is an advocate for diverse bodies and embraces the word fat. “Calling me fat is not going to bother me. I’ve been called that my entire life,” Lorenzo said in a video on her YouTube channel. “I’m making a career out of it so it doesn’t bother me, it’s making me money!”


She didn’t always dream of being a model.


Lorenzo never had an interest in modeling until she was discovered on Instagram by her model agency DAS.


She’s opened up about struggling with anxiety and acne.


A couple of months ago I was going through a lot at home with family & just my personal life was just so stressful to the point I started getting anxiety attacks & it had been a long time since I had one of those,” she wrote on Instagram. “It eventually started showing up on my skin but I didn’t really know why at the time because I only dealt with bad acne when I was in middle school and since then I didn’t have much problems with it besides a few pimples here and there.”


She wanted to go into medicine.


“For the longest time I wanted to be in the medical field,” she told HipLatina. “I was a pre-med major in college but school is currently on pause.”


She wants to set the record straight about curvy girls.


Lorenzo works to end the biggest myth about plus-size women. “Just because someone is bigger than you are does not mean that they are less healthier than you are. Its 2018 we need to know that,” she said in a video on her youtube channel.

“I just constantly speak about the importance of being healthy at whatever size you may be by telling my followers and just people around me that although I may be bigger, it doesn’t mean I have bad health,” she told us.   


She has a YouTube channel.


In fact, she recently started one, where she shares stories of her everyday life and modeling tips. Make sure to check it out!


She wants to do more than just model.


Lorenzo is more than a pretty face and wants to pursue acting.

wp_*postsShe’s very comfortable in her skin.


“Rolls celluLIT & varicose veins are cute bro,” she captioned this beach photo.


She’s been open about how she struggled with suicidal thoughts when she was younger.


What you guys don’t know is that at a very young age I became depressed due to self-imagery issues and low self-esteem. I then developed eating disorders, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts,” she wrote. I was in a very dark place for years … I mean I was DISGUSTED at who I was … I was so insecure and my self-esteem was SO low I let it completely take over my life. I let my body hold me back for so many years to the point I told myself that if I couldn’t look or feel the way I wanted to I didn’t even want to be alive.”

We are so excited to have this Latina plus-size model represent us and can not wait to see what else she’ll be bringing to the table.

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