7 Positive Representations of Indigenous Communities We’re Proud of


The indigenous community has historically been overlooked and dehumanized but now more than ever they are getting the attention and respect they deserve. With icons like Yalitza Aparicio and activists like Amazonian female Chief Nazaré bringing the indigenous community front and center, their work is getting international attention. But these women are just two examples of a community that includes a total population of 45 million in Latin America, with more than 800 different indigenous communities. Despite the sheer size of the indigenous community, they have not been able to receive fair representation. In Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, there is a 100 percent representation gap in politics and the country with the lowest gap – Ecuador- is still abysmal with 27 percent. Furthermore, 43 percent of the indigenous communities live in poverty. But these barriers are not keeping indigenous women from advocating for their community and raising awareness about important causes. From 19-year-old Artemisa Xakriabá to elderly chiefs like sixty-eight-year-old Tsiweyenki of Paraguay, the seven representations of indigenous power in this list prove nothing can hold them back.




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