Our Theories Behind This Epic Picture Of Gina Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, and Salma Hayek

We love when Latinas get together

latinas in hollywood

Photo: Instagram/@hereisgina

We love when Latinas get together. It fills us up with great pride and so much joy. That’s exactly the feeling we got when we saw an incredible moment with three of the most famous Latinas in Hollywood. Newly engaged Gina Rodriguez posted a picture on Instagram with herself, Salma Hayek, and Zoe Saldana.

What made this image even more beautiful is that the three ladies were wearing fashionable specs and very minimal makeup. But let’s back up for a second because this picture has us asking us so many questions. For example, why were these women all together? Yes, we know they’re friends. Rodriguez captioned the picture “Sister friends and #Latinaporvida.”

Upon further investigation we found out that at least Hayek and Rodriguez were filming some kind of promo and happen to stumble upon an up-and-coming Latino boy group called CNCO.


The boys were quite smitten with Hayek too.




But back to the amazing Latina trio. Perhaps they were all on the same studio lot, or filming a commercial, either way we need to see more of them. And everyone on social media feels the same way.

Here’s just some highlights of what people are saying of this cool display of Latinas in Hollywood.

jasercise: Here I was hoping yall were working on a project together…because that would be some great LATINA POWER!” Um our thoughts exactly.

“audreyalm: This pic makes my Latina heart so happy! ?” Ours too!

“alan713chSo much pretty – please tell me you ladies are doing a project together!!!” Yes, please. We are practically begging!


Long story short: PLEASE MAKE A FILM TOGETHER!!!

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