Prepare Your Brand and Business for the Summer

The spring and summer can be great for our personal lives. There’s such a vibrant energy. Flowers are blooming and people are smiling. I get to wear my girly boho chic skirts. Life is good.

Because the weather is beautiful and there’s a lot to do it can be hard to lock down extended commitment because summer is when those impulsive trips to the beach, a spontaneous brunch or vacations tend to take over one’s attendance at a class, training or webinar.

The good news is, summer can still be awesome for engagement, you’ll just need to execute a different approach. Here are five ways you can optimize the summer time for your brand, side hustle, and/or business.

  1. Go outside.

Aside from the perks that vitamin D provides your body, getting outside is a great way to leverage the season and harness the good vibes of other people.

  • If you work from home, go to a local park of cafe with outdoor seating.
  • If you work at an office, take your lunch break outside.
  • Have client meetings outside.
  • Take a weekend to scout places that would be appropriate for different work-related activities such as meetings, brainstorming sessions, Google Hangouts, Skype conferences, etc.




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