These Pro Makeup Tips Will Save You When It’s Hot AF Outside

This summer did not come to play in the heat department. The scorching temperatures definitely made me reevaluate my makeup and summer beauty routine. I met with Steve Kassajikian, Urban Decay’s Lead Global Makeup Artist, before he headed to Miami Swim Week for the Mikoh swimwear show to break down his version of a weatherproof glam worthy of the runway.

I arrived with skin baked to perfection with powder foundation.

cindy diaz urban decay

Cindy DIaz

However, baking isn’t Kassajikian’s preferred way to set makeup. It is easy to go overboard with that technique. “I don’t like the skin to look too thick or caked up,” he said. “Especially if you’re doing photography or editorial. Then that just causes so much work for editing. The less makeup I can get on the face, the better. I’m more about targeting the skin so I will only apply makeup in areas that need it.”

Kassajikian had a summer routine he was using at Miami Swim Week that would keep me looking flawless with a lot less makeup.

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