5 Fresa Fashion Tips That Will Have You Feeling Like A Boss

What does it mean to be fresa? Are you one? Here we leave you with some inspiration to add some fresa style to your look

fresa fashion

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Do you like spending long summer days on a yacht? Are you always dressed to impress? Do people think you’re presumida? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a fresa! Inspired by telenovela icons like Mía from Rebelde and Matilde from Amor Real, being a fresa means being confident, bold, and a boss.

So, if you’re ready to channel your inner jefa and step into your fresa persona, here is a lookbook of five fashion tips you can follow. Because as the iconic saying goes, “Antes muerta que sencilla!”

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Explore New Makeup Trends

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When it comes to makeup, a fresa is always flaunting the latest trends. From mastering the perfect soft-glam base to bold graphic eyeliner, and even the classic red lip, it’s all about achieving a look that will make heads turn. Looking for inspiration? Grab a Strawberry Frosty from Wendy’s® and blend different shades of pink and red for a dynamic summer eyeshadow look.

Step Up Your Shoe Game

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Shoes are the foundation of any outfit– literally! You can never spend too much money on a good pair of shoes and with endless stylish options for the Summer, there’s never been a better time to up your shoe game. From sandals to sneakers, the right shoe will elevate your look to fresa status!

Accessorize A Lo Máximo

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Accessories can really take an outfit from zero to 100. Bold earrings, oversized hats, bright-colored sunglasses, and endless rings– nothing is too much for your fresa fantasy! Serve your best look this Summer and pick up a Strawberry Frosty from Wendy’s for the perfect accessory to match.

Have Some Fun With Your Nails

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Every fresa knows attention to detail is a must. Whether you prefer long, colorful claws or a simple and natural manicure, giving that attention to your nails can take your look from vanilla to fresa. Grip your steering wheel as you cruise through the drive-thru and show off your fresh set on your next late-night Wendy’s run, because the fresa lifestyle never sleeps!

Last But Not Least, Own It!

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The most important part of any outfit is you. Whether you’re shopping for dinner at the grocery store or going to your cousin’s quinceñera, being a fresa is a state of mind.

What are some other fresa fashion tips you’d suggest? Let us know and don’t forget to try out Wendy’s sweet and smooth Strawberry Frosty®, available for a limited time at participating U.S. Wendy’s®*.

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