Puerto Rican Stars Head to the Island to Help Relief Efforts

It looks like Lin-Manuel Miranda is not the only Puerto Rican star stepping up to the plate and helping those affected by Hurricane Maria (not that we ever thought he would be)

Photo: Wikimedia/Eva Rinaldi

Photo: Wikimedia/Eva Rinaldi

It looks like Lin-Manuel Miranda is not the only Puerto Rican star stepping up to the plate and helping those affected by Hurricane Maria (not that we ever thought he would be). In a recent Instagram post, Ricky Martin shared a photo of himself, Nicky Jam, Luis Fonsi and Chayanne on a plane with the caption “Por ahí vamos #PuertoRico #allin4PR” and we couldn’t be more excited. With their trip it’s very clear that help has arrived!

In a follow-up post, Ricky Martin shared a photo of himself with the honorable mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, who over the weekend faced harsh criticism from President Trump after she called him out for not doing enough to help fellow Americans affected by the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Martin, meanwhile, thanked the mayor for all she has done to help the people of San Juan.

While continuing his tour of Puerto Rico, Martin also shared some inspirational words with his people, assuring them that everything is going to be all right. He also shared a link to his YouCaring page, which is seeking donations for Hurricane Relief through the Ricky Martin Foundation. “We need your help to provide light, homes and hope!” the page states.

Meanwhile, Luis Fonsi is also making his trek throughout the island. After sharing the same photo that Martin shared on the plane, Fonsi shared a joyful photo of him cheering as they disembark the plane to begin working to make things better. “Unidos somos más grandes” (United we are bigger), he said.

The superstar also shared a photo of himself, along with plane mates Martin, Nicky Jam, Chayanne and others, touring the island and seeing what needs to be done in order to help. He continues to share inspirational messages with his fans, reminding those suffering that Puerto Rico will rise and that united we are stronger.

Just before leaving Puerto Rico, Fonsi shared one last photo and message for the people: That together we are one. He also thanked JetBlue for helping to bring hope to the island. The company recently outlined their plan to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico with #100x35JetBlue — 100 days of relief, 35 ways of caring.

Nicky Jam also shared photos of his effort in Puerto Rico, such as this snap of him helping with water donations. Everyone has to pitch in, and the superstar looks more than happy to put in his own effort to help.

He also took some time to meet with the governor of Puerto Rico.

Chayanne was also on board to help the people of Puerto Rico, posting several videos of the work that the stars were doing on the island, including this one that includes a link to his personal Go Fund Me campaign to help Puerto Rico.

Not to miss out on the action, Emilia and Gloria Estefan also joined the Puerto Rican stars on the JetBlue trip to the island. Emilio Estefan, who is Cuban, proudly said that they love Puerto Rico and that together we are stronger.

Meanwhile, Gloria Estefan visited hospitals and other people in need for the #100x35jetblue support effort.

Is there anything more heartwarming to see children doing better and healing? It’s incredible and inspiring to see Gloria Estefan and other stars pitching in to help the people of Puerto Rico.

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