25 Rare Selena Videos You Probably Haven’t Seen

We are always celebrating the everlasting legacy of the Queen of Tejano and Cumbia Selena Quintanilla-Perez. But like the rest of the world, in March, we sadly yet lovingly remember her even more because it’s the month we lost her in the physical sense. The thing that makes us happy during these 31 days is that although she is gone, she has never been — or will be — forgotten.

Selena’s memory is kept alive through her great music, products emblazoned with her image, stories from loved ones, generation after generation of old and new fans, and videos that captured a living, breathing moment of the superstar who has become an icon and a legend. In these videos, she is happy, laughing, goofy, yet professional, talented beyond measure, and yet still so humble. We wanted to share some of these amazing videos, a lot of them rare, where you get to see Selena just being Selena.




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