25 Rare Selena Videos You Probably Haven’t Seen

We are always celebrating the everlasting legacy of the Queen of Tejano and Cumbia Selena Quintanilla-Perez

Photo: Selena World/YouTube

Photo: Selena World/YouTube

We are always celebrating the everlasting legacy of the Queen of Tejano and Cumbia Selena Quintanilla-Perez. But like the rest of the world, in March, we sadly yet lovingly remember her even more because it’s the month we lost her in the physical sense. The thing that makes us happy during these 31 days is that although she is gone, she has never been — or will be — forgotten.

1993 Tejano Music Awards Rehearsal

We love watching Selena videos, but we especially appreciate the ones that are rare. The behind the scene videos, where you get a glimpse into her life you wouldn’t normally be privy to, like this rehearsal video for the 1993 Tejano Music Awards. In it, Selena is singing live to “Como La Flor,” and showcasing her powerhouse voice. We also get a glimpse at a rare and super cute outfit.

Selena on Sabado Gigante

If you are Latinx, there’s a good chance you and the fam have watched the show Sabado Gigante on Saturday nights. On the show, Don Francisco has interviewed all the biggest Latinx stars of the moment, including Selena Quintanilla-Perez. In this video, he is talking to Selena about the release of Amor Prohibido, which she mentions is the first of her albums to have three hit songs on it. Selena also talks about how she began singing at six years old and would perform at her father’s restaurant in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Funny and Rare Selena Clips

Instagram isn’t the only resource for rare videos of Selena Quintanilla-Perez. YouTube has several videos that will have you looking back and feeling all kinds of nostalgic about the Tejano singer. This cool compilation video features several clips of Selena being silly, laughing, and doing interviews, including one of her talking about attending the Grammys, spending time with her husband, Chris, and more.

Selena’s Cristina Interview

Sure, you may have seen a clip of Selena’s interview on the Cristina show. But have you seen the entire interview? We watched the almost 20-minute segment on YouTube, and just had to share it here. Probably the most memorable part of the show is when 22-year-old Selena mispronounces the number 14. She says “cuatro y diez” instead of “catorce,” and it just made her that much more relatable.

And Her Reaction to the Blunder

Selena went on to talk about her messing up on saying the number 14 on Cristina in this interview with Rock-n-Roll James. She of course laughs it off in true Selena style, saying she knows words like these and it was simply a case of nerves. It’s a testament of how humble and down to earth she was, and how she never took herself too seriously.

Jokingly Pretending to Be a Diva

Selena totally had the talent, star power, fame, and money to be a total diva — but she never was. She was so far removed from diva behavior that she would even joke about it, like she did in this throwback clip. She jokingly tells who we assume to be her bandmates (and maybe also her fans) that “y’all sucked tonight,” before saying she was joking and that they in fact “did wonderful.” Selena also jokes about being “the woman,” although the world knows she is!

Selena’s 1992 Veronica Castro Interview

What happens when you bring two Mexican icons together? You get something like this great interview conducted by Veronica Castro, in December of 1992. The live interview took place in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and is almost 15 minutes in length. Selena is joined by Los Dinos, including sister Suzette Quintanilla and husband Chris Perez.

Spins for Days

Not all great Selena videos have to be interviews or professionally recorded performances. We live for the rare Selena videos that make us feel like we are right there at that moment in history with her. In this video, another with Rock-n-Roll James,  a.k.a. South Texas radio and TV personality James Echevarria, we see Selena perfectly spinning several times while dancing on stage. Like Rock-n-Roll James says in the video, “look at those moves. Woo!”

Selena Sings an Acoustic Version of “Cien Años”

One of the best things about Selena as an entertainer is her powerful voice. And the fact that although she did all sorts of tiring and intricate dance moves on stage, she sang live. This YouTube video showcases Selena’s beautiful voice, as she sings the Pedro Infante song, “Cien Años.” It’s a rare moment to see one Mexican legend honoring another one.

Behind the Scenes of the “No Me Queda Mas” Video

Chances are, you know all the words to “No Me Queda Mas,” as well as remembering its music video. We get to see Selena in a glorious white gown and dramatic updo at the top of a dramatic flight of stairs, in a beige crochet dress and sleek high ponytail, and we also get to see her looking casual and cute in a striped tee and jeans. This vintage video, found on YouTube, gives you a glimpse of this video you haven’t seen–behind the scenes.

Interview Before Selena Live! Performance


The Grammy-winning album, Selena Live! captures a flawless, iconic performance in Corpus Christi, Texas, on February 7, 1993. During the concert, Selena sings such legendary jams as “Como La Flor,” “Baila Esta Cumbia,” “Si La Quieres,” and “La Carcacha.” This rare interview, done by Channel 10 in Corpus Christi, was done right before this performance, and in it, Selena shares her musical influences (her father, A Taste of Honey, AC/DC), talks about how it feels to achieve fame, and discusses why she chose to perform at the Coliseum.

1992 Selena Interview at Disneyland


If you love Selena and love Disneyland, then you have to check out this rare interview of the superstar in the land of childhood magic. Taking place in 1992, the video shows Selena walking in the park with a journalist, stopping to take photos with fans, talking about music, and wearing the cutest outfit of a white off-the-shoulder top, black pants, and drop earrings.

Selena’s Education Video on Tejano Music

Selena was a successful, busy star, who was involved in several business ventures and projects, including two boutiques, and creating a makeup and perfume line. But she always had time to give back and help others. Just check out this almost 15-minute educational video she narrated on Chicanx music. She teaches kids about Mexican American music history, genres like Tejano music, and speaks about specific artists including Lucha Villa and a Lighter Shade of Brown.

Selena’s Last Interview

This rare video, recorded on March 18, 1995, claims to be Selena’s final interview ever. Rock-n-Roll James speaks with the icon on the show Puro Tejano, talking about the importance of education, basketball, and “Techno Cumbia.”

Selena Singing “Amor Prohibido” Acapella


Another opportunity to really listen to and appreciate Selena’s glorious voice, without any musical accompaniment, is this YouTube video from 1994. In it, she sings the classic “Amor Prohibido” acapella, to the delight of everyone listening.

A Interview Showing Selena’s Humbleness

One of the reasons we love Selena so much is that although being such a huge star, she was always humble. She didn’t like being put on a pedestal, being inaccessible to her fans, or being called the Queen of Tejano. In this interview from March 2, 1995, when the interviewer comments on how she seems like everyone else although she is a celebrity, Selena replies, “because I don’t see myself that way.”

Selena Speaks on the Importance of Education

Selena worked with the Stay in School program, which encouraged kids to complete their education for a successful career. In this rare interview, she talks about how important finishing school is, as music isn’t a secure business. Money comes and goes, she explains, but an education stays with a person forever, allowing them to always get a job.

Selena’s Behind the Scenes TV Bloopers

Selena showed us that you don’t have to be perfect to be legendary. And, that when we mess up, we should have fun with it and laugh it out, instead of feeling self-conscious. Like so many other Latinxs, Selena would sometimes trip up on her words in Spanish, leading to belly laughs and goofiness. We are so happy many of these moments were captured (like this behind the scenes clip) to see this human, humble, and silly side to someone who was perfection on the stage and in the recording booth.

On TV, With Fans in Houston

In this rare Selena Quintanilla clip, we get to see a moment for her in which her career comes full circle. She mentions in this interview that Selena y Los Dinos got their first gig in Houston. Fast forward, and Selena is signing autographs for fans at The Tejano Diner, and the interviewer is talking about how she has filled up the Astrodome’s many seats like no other.

Winning a Billboard Award in 1994

Selena won so many awards during her career and continues to. We wish we could see every win, watch every acceptance speech, and of course, see her stylish award ceremony outfits. Luckily, with this clip, we do get to witness Selena nab a Billboard Latin Music Award in 1994.

Chorizos and Huevos Perfume

Selena was way ahead of her time when she decided to not only pursue music but to also branch out into the world of beauty. She was working on a fragrance and didn’t let talking about it get in the way of her pranking the interviewer. In this clip, Selena jokingly mentions that her perfume will smell like sausage and eggs.

The Only Live Recording of “Amame”


There are certain Selena songs that we don’t have many clips of her performing. When we do see a new one, it’s such a fun and heartwarming discovery. Like this video of Selena performing the song “Amame” in 1993. Reportedly, this is the only known live recording of the jam.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Selena got a moment to think about how she would like to be remembered in this throwback interview. Her legacy is exactly what she hoped it would be — someone who gave her all in everything she did, who truly cared, and who was a wonderful role model.

1994 Tejano USA Interview

This rare Selena interview almost didn’t see the light of day in recent times. The tape was found in a TV camera that was donated to the Smithsonian’s Univision TV project, and its content hadn’t been seen in 20 years. It comes from the show Tejano USA, on KWEX-TV in San Antonio (whose parent company is Univision).

Selena’s Call Notes Commercial


Did you know Selena was in several commercials? Yes, the superstar lent her star power to companies including Coca-Cola, Agree Shampoo, and Southwestern/AT&T. This commercial is from the latter, specifically for a service called Call Notes.

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