A Refugee Family Desperate To Cross Border, Enters U.S. Through Hole With Baby

As migrant refugees wait to speak to officials about asylum in the U

Photo: Unsplash/@jackhammer

Photo: Unsplash/@jackhammer

As migrant refugees wait to speak to officials about asylum in the U.S., some are growing tired and desperate. The long line is forcing some to just head back home to Central America, while others are doing odd job in Tijuana. Others, however, are taking desperate measures to reach the U.S.

As we reported last week, a pregnant teen crossed the border illegally with her husband and baby, and was able to give birth in the U.S. Others are doing the same. The Associated Press is reporting that a family, which included an 8-month-old baby, crossed the the U.S./Mexico border, through a hole. While this may seem unimaginable and too straining on any family, it’s quite faster for them to be caught by border agents and then taken into questioning.

Seeking asylum, in which people are interviewed and asked about their hardships to see if they face “credible fear” in their home country, can be obtained through waiting in line or by somehow making it onto U.S. soil. The AP also reports that the U.S. government is currently processing “about 100 asylum requests a day at the San Ysidro crossing,” located near San Diego, California.

The scene from just weeks ago that had border agents in riot gear throwing tear gas onto people from the migrant caravan seems to be very different now, which maybe why people are seeking to cross on their terms. It also appears that those taking the biggest risks seem to be families with young children.

The AP reports: “Over two nights last week, Associated Press journalists saw more than a dozen migrants taking the risk. A woman wearing a blue-beaded rosary waited with her children to see where they could cross. A Salvadoran migrant hid as he dug a hole in the sand under the wall. In the dark of night, migrants could be seen walking up a hill inside U.S. territory toward agents waiting to detain them.”

CBS News reported that the number of people crossing the border illegally has been steadily increasing over the past several months.

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