7 Questions to Ask Your S.O. Before Moving in Together

Many of us have had a friend we’ve traveled with or lived with and we either grew closer because of it or further apart. The same can happen with romantic relationships, which is why it is not advised to rush into cohabitation. Before you take the plunge to live with your significant other, there are important questions you should ask before you take the next step.

Rental responsibilities, who pays what?   

If you or your partner make more money there will need to be a discussion on how the rent is paid.  Will you both pay the same amount or will it be based on income? There is no right answer. What is important is that you both agree and are comfortable with the choice.

financial issues moving in together

What happens if one of you is laid off?

No one plans on a layoff but in the event one of you loses your job, what is the plan? This is especially important because as a couple moving in you are sharing the responsibility in a different manner than you are with a roommate.





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