9 Times Rihanna Dressed Like She Was Heading to Her Own Quinceañera

Along with being a pop singing sensation, Rihanna is undoubtedly a fashion goddess

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/SIGMA

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/SIGMA

Along with being a pop singing sensation, Rihanna is undoubtedly a fashion goddess. She immediately lights up any red carpet (or sidewalk) she steps on. She can even rock something that resembles a potato sack and still look fly.

With all of Rihanna’s jaw-dropping ensembles, her gowns stand out for many reasons: the most important being that she looks like she’s heading to her own fab quinceañera. And I’m low-key jealous. Many of us don’t even get one quince, and Rihanna’s out here living her best life looking like she’s heading to her own quince all the time. Here are nine times Rihanna served up princess realness and looked like she was celebrating her 15th in style.

Business in the front, party in the back. Just bustle the train and she’s ready for her first dance.

When you show up at your quince rocking shades to block the haters.

When you throw out all the rules about what a quince dress should look like. It’s your day – express yo’self!

When people think you’re shy and won’t be over-the-top at your quince, but you walk in like this…

You will turn everybody’s head.

Who can forget the quince dresses to end all others?! This should basically be on every party girl’s wish list.

Rihanna quinceañera


When your party is over, but you want to stay looking like a princess forever.

Sometimes it’s not about a big poofy dress, just sleek showstoppers.

Rihanna quinceañera


Ultimately, a quinceañera is a “coming-of-age” celebration; a time for a young woman to celebrate her growth and more independence and if there’s anyone who knows how to be a strong, independent woman – it’s definitely Rihanna. Keep slaying, RiRi!

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