13 Times Dascha Polanco Was the Body Positivity Queen We Love

Dascha Polanco is out there living her best life! This last season of “Orange Is the New Black” got intense (to say the least) and as things heated up in the show, she showed us all her versatility and range

Photo: Instagram/sheisdash

Photo: Instagram/sheisdash

Dascha Polanco is out there living her best life! This last season of “Orange Is the New Black” got intense (to say the least) and as things heated up in the show, she showed us all her versatility and range. But when she’s not killing it on screen in a less than flattering beige uniform – I mean, prison uniforms are not known for being fashion-forward – she’s serving up A+ style game.

Polanco is definitely a fashionista. “Fashion in my real life is more important to me than fashion in my acting life; it’s expressive, it’s creative, there’s so much to do with it,” she told Vogue in 2016. Despite her love for fashion, Polanco did express her frustration with an industry that’s less forgiving for curvier women. She revealed to Vogue that many brands are unable (or unwilling) to dress her because she’s not the typical Hollywood sample size. But this impediment hasn’t made Polanco choose to change who she is, instead she’s continuing to combat the industry.“I want to break that barrier,” she explained. “Even though I’m a size 8 or 10, I still can look as great as someone who’s a size 0.” Slow. Clap.

Polanco’s unapologetic attitude is just one of the things we love about her. She proves that looking fly as hell is not limited to one body type. Oh and if you try to shame her or pin her against another woman, she’s not going to have any of it. Here are 13 times, she was the body positive role model we all need.


You know that rule that curvy women should only wear form-fitting clothes? Yeah, throw that one out the window.


Yes, the dress is see-through. It’s also flawless.



Crop top PLUS bell sleeves. Be still my heart!



No thigh gap? NO PROBLEM!



This white number fits her just right.



It often feels like athleisure attire isn’t directed toward women of all shapes, but Polanco proves that if it’s not designed with you in mind, you can still make it work on you.



Girl, you know that white dress you thought you shouldn’t buy? … BUY IT!



If her showing some extra skin offends you, that’s your problem.



So good, she wore it twice. And we don’t blame her one bit.



Throw a belt on and accentuate those beautiful curves.



Let’s not forget, her incredible look that she wore during NYFW in 2016. Seeing a curvy woman embrace her body, rock basically a one-piece, and look flawless, set our hearts ablaze. The fact that a fan copied it for Halloween shows just how impactful and ICONIC the whole ensemble was.



Totally fitting that she would rock a leopard unitard to meet another curve-embracing queen.



Oh and if the leopard unitard wasn’t enough to prove this woman is out to change people’s assumptions about thicker women, I think this see-through, embroidered black piece says it all.


Keep up the #selflovery. We see you, queen!



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