10 of the Most Romantic Latin Love Songs of All Time

Amor is in the air and it’s the music of artists like Luis Miguel, Consuelo Velazquez, and Alejandro Fernandez that help make us feel the love

Latin love songs

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Amor is in the air and it’s the music of artists like Luis Miguel, Consuelo Velazquez, and Alejandro Fernandez that help make us feel the love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner you might be planning a romantic evening with your loved on and music is a crucial part of that. Flowers and chocolates are staples on this day but  we can’t forget about all the memorable Latin  love songs that put us in the mood. Classics like “Luz De Día by Los Enanitos Verdes are guaranteed to help make your Valentine’s Day a bit more romantic. But even if you’re not celebrating the holiday, sometimes you just need to be deep in your feels and this playlist is perfect for that oo. This is by no means an exhaustive list but we wanted to round up 10 of the most romantic love songs of all time by Latin artists so read on.


“Sabor A Mi” by Luis Miguel

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If what you want is an exotic, romantic song promising deep commitment, you can’t top “Sabor A Mi.” It reads like a love letter, from the time he sings “tanto tiempo disfrutamos este amor” to a chorus that feels like wedding vows have been exchanged: “Pasaran más de mil años, muchos más/Yo no sé si tenga amor la eternidad.” And Miguel’s delivery is the essence of romance.


“Besame Mucho” by Consuelo Velazquez

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The master of famous Mexican ballads, Consuelo Velazquez hits it out of the park with “Bésame Mucho.” Velazquez wrote this iconic, bolero-style song at the age of 15. The song is about yearning for a lover and with lyrics like “Quiero tenerte muy cerca/ Mirarme en tus ojos” you know instasntly why it’s a timeless classic.


“Luz de Día” by Los Enanitos Verdes

Video: YouTube/@huevosrevueltosVEVO

There is something about the Spanish language that is so romantic and this song is a true example of that. It’s an ode to a lover and the connection and intimacy they have and the music itself is perfect to slow dance to. This is perfect for a truly intimate night with lyrics like: Besar tus manos, sentir tu cuerpo, decir tu nombre
/Y las caricias serán la brisa/Que aviva el fuego de nuestro amor.”


“El Amor De Mi Vida” by Ricky Martin

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One of the best love songs of Ricky Martin’s career is “El Amor De Mi Vida”, and that’s saying something considering his catalog. When Ricky sings “No podía ver la luz/Hasta que cerré mis ojos /Y desperté pensando en ti.” it’s about as romantic as it gets.  The song originally came out in 1992 and was re-recorded and included on Martin’s greatest hits album La Historia.


“Entra En Mi Vida” by Sin Bandera

Video: YouTube/@Sinbandera

A popular 2002 song that has remained a favorite throughout the years, “Entra En Mi Vida” is an original released by Sin Bandera. It is a sweet, emotional song in which Leonel Garcia sings about the new, special love he has for a woman. In 2002, this song became their first number one hit and later became the theme song to the telenovela Cuando Seas Mia. It’s a classic tune perfect for any date day.


“Eso y más” by Joan Sebastian

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“Eso y más” has been remade by many artists like Alejandro Fernandez, Joan Sebastian sang the original version in 2007 and it became a love song standard. With lyrics like “‘Y seria un honor hay amor ser tu esclavo/Seria tu juguete por mi voluntad/Y si un día glorioso en tus brazos acabo/Que felicidad,” this song will definitely set the mood.


“Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” by Juanes

Video: YouTube/@Juanes

Put a little alternative rock in your Valentine’s Day with ” Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” by Juanes. Released in 2004, this love song includes the lyrics: “Porque nada valgo, porque nada tengo/Si no tengo lo mejor/Tu amor y compañía en mi corazón.” Juanes is no stranger to love songs so it’s easy to look through his catalog to find more but this one is definitely a favorite for a reason.


“Si Nos Dejan” by Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Video: YouTube/@Jose Alfredo Jimenez

  “Si Nos Dejan” is one of Jose Alfredo Jimenez’s most popular singles which has been covered by artists including Luis Miguel. With lyrics like “Si nos dejan/buscamos un rincón cerca del cielo” it’s no wonder it remains a favorite.


“Si Tu Supieras” by Alejandro Fernandez

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Romantic from the first note, this Alejandro Fernandez tune promises that your special someone will feel loved. The lyrics “Si tú supieras/Cómo te ansía cada espacio de mi cuerpo/Cómo palpitan tus recuerdos en el alma/Cuando se queda tu presencia aquí en pecho”  make for one romantic night.


“Eres” by Café Tacvba

Video: YouTube/@Cafe Tacvba

Emmanuel del Real wrote this romantic tune for powerhouse Café Tacvba. Lead singer, Rubén Isaac Albarrán Ortega’s vocals elicit a feeling of longing while confessing love to his significant other: “Lo que más quiero en este mundo, eso eres/Mi pensamiento más profundo también eres/Tan sólo dime lo que hago, aquí me tienes.” Each word in this song is exactly what your significant other wants to hear on Valentine’s Day and, honestly,

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