20 Facts Every Selena Quintanilla Super Fan Should Know

Photo: AL DIA News

The late Mexican singer Selena Quintanilla Perez has remained a legendary musical icon for many of us. She still lives in our hearts and is a role model who many women and young girls still look up to whether it’s through listening to her music, living by her quotes and philosophies, or emulating her beauty and style looks. It’s been 24 years since the Tejano artist passed and yet she is more relevant, honored, and celebrated with each day. Seriously, how many other departed artists can remain on the Billboard charts, sell out anything that holds their imagery, and still break records left and right even after they’re gone?

Now that so many people are Selena super fans these days, we dig some digging and rounded up everything you need to know about the reina — you know, in case you don’t already know. From personal deets, like her favorite colors and what nail polish she used, to major career milestones and ways she continues to dominate the music industry and pop culture in general. Sure, you may know a lot of these facts, but you’d be surprised what you might not actually know. Read on, and enjoy our collection of Selena fotos y recuerdos!

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