Selena Quintanilla
Photo: Flickr/hellboy_93

Selena Quintanilla Has a New Collection With MAC Cosmetics

If you missed out on the limited edition MAC Selena cosmetics line that came out four years ago, you’re in luck because it’s back! The Quintanilla family is teaming up with MAC Cosmetics once again to honor the 25th anniversary of her tragic death. The new line will be released in April.

It’s more of a celebration of her legacy,” Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla told Refinery29, “And it’s a celebration of us as Latinas.”


It was Suzette who teamed up with MAC initially four years ago to release the MAC x Selena collection, and it sold out so fast. So we think this new collection will sell out even quicker. It’s unclear what the collection will consist of, including the colors they will use, or if MAC will release an extension of the original release, but we do have some details. The collection will include a pink shimmery lipgloss called “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Lipglass.”

Suzette added that part of Selena’s legacy, aside from her music, is the celebration of Latin culture, and for Latinas in particular.

“Selena has made an impact in the beauty space by representing Latinas,” Suzette said. “That’s what makes me happy, that she represents so many of us. I don’t want to make it a Latina thing, but it is.” She added, “Fans want to celebrate her. They want the representation of not just her as an artist, but her as a Latina. MAC understands what Selena represents to the world and her fans. I loved working with them the first time, and I cannot wait to show the world what this new launch will be. I’m very proud that MAC can help us celebrate her on this very important year, which is 25 years later.”

While some critics may not like that the Quintanilla family continues to release products under her name, Suzette said she is making a promise to keep her sister’s dream alive.

“When Selena passed away, one of the three things she was working on was her clothing line, a makeup line, and a perfume line,” Suzette said to Refinery29. “I promised myself that by the time I leave this world, I will accomplish what she started; what she held dear to her heart.”

In that case, we can look forward to a fashion collection and a Selena perfume! It’s all fascinating developments, and we hope our beloved Tejano singer loves every moment of it.