15 Selena Quintanilla Songs Every Fan Knows By Heart

Photo: MTV/Pinterest

You’ll know the hard-core Selena fans when you see them because they are usually the ones who can sing just about every Selena song there is, word for word, while also doing some of the Tejana star’s signature dance moves. We love coming up with roundups having to do with the superstar and sharing them with our readers, so we decided to do one-on-one songs every Selena superfan should know by heart.

To get you feeling super nostalgic we made sure to include the corresponding Selena video for each song, be it the official video for the jam, or a live performance of Selena singing the song (except for “I Could Fall in Love,” which is Jennifer Lopez singing as Selena in the film Selena). Feel free to sing along, dance, and embrace the fact that Selena is still here through her amazing music, her kind spirit, and her everlasting legacy.




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