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26 Best Self-Care Gifts That are De-stressing AF & Under $30

All anyone really wants for Christmas is good coquito (that doesn’t mess with their stomach), one thing you can’t afford (thanks Mom and Dad), and a handful of really nice self-care treats that say I love you enough to go beyond your average Bath & Body Works gift card. Though let’s face it, that lotion lasts for months!

To help you with the latter, we’ve scraped the internet to find 27 thoughtful gifts your friends are going to love you for. From anxiety care to bruja magic tricks, we’ve got the full spectrum of options to make you the queen of all gift giving. Check em out!

Herb Sheers

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Nothing says self-care like deleting your seamless app, hitting the grocery store, and picking up some badass kitchen utensils to make cooking fun again. Pair these sheers with two basil plants from Whole Foods (so rich in antioxidants), and then (if you really love your friend) re-pot both of those plants with a gorgeous planter from Lowe’s.

Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Herb Shears, $9

Black Truffle Honey

Photo: Dean and Deluca

Your foodie pals will love you for this little, truffle splurge. Kick this jar up a notch with a nice, strong white cheddar cheese from your local cheese shop, and watch your friends drizzle this with delight on top of the butteriest grilled cheese on the planet. Then ask for at least 5 bites!

Dean & DeLuca Acacia Black Truffle Honey, $19

Packing Crates

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Here’s how you pull this off: Ask your friend what kind of suitcase they have and say it’s because you’re looking for a new one. Then find a way to pull some subtle details out about the color or interior of their suitcase. Followed by being confused if you want a pop of color or just a black interior for your suitcase, and wondering out loud if packing crates are even useful. And with that, you’ll learn how to pick the perfect color packing crates for your friend’s suitcase, and figure out if they already have them! And if you want to kick the gift up a notch, fill it with packets of your favorite facials or try these from CeLaVi for only 8.99.

Mossio 7 Packing Cubes with Shoe Bag Compression Travel Luggage Organizer, $16

Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

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Ever check into your hotel room and feel underwhelmed by the amount of toiletry space? And then you and your best friend try to stack your stuff all along the sides of the tub and sink? Give a gift that makes travel easy with this hanging toiletry bag. And if you have a few extra dollars to spend, fill it with yummy travel products your friends might skimp on, like bobby-pins, lip gloss, facemasks or palo santo oil.

Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag, $14

Hemp Bursts

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Perfect for mild pain relief and a good night’s sleep, the 5 Star reviews are pouring in for these little gummy delights! Each gummy contains 10 mg of high-quality hemp extract that’ll help with inflammation, reduce anxiety and stress, and much more!

Hemp Bursts Gummies, $30

Bath Bombs

Photo: delabeuhbody.com

Nothing relaxes the muscles and resets the body like THC infused bath soak. Visit your local, recreational marijuana dispensary (if your state has one) and ask if they have any De La Beuh bombs or related products like bath salts! Kick this up to Celine Dion levels of extra and add this bottle of Honest bubble bath for $10.79 on Amazon.

Thin Mint Bath Bomb, $15

Posture Corrector

Photo: Amazon.com

This is one of those perfect gifts that we all think of, and would never buy ourselves. If you happen to be in a white elephant gift swap this year, throw one of these puppies in there — fully knowing it will get laughs at first. But someone will grab it. And then a few months later they will take you to happy hour, get you thoroughly hammered and thank you profusely for saving their back (and health).

Aroamas Posture Corrector For Women & Men, $30

Vaginal Care-Kit

Photo: Queenvlife.com

Mix and match these everyday bathroom goodies and help your girlfriend put vaginal care first. Especially if your girl is on a dating-spree; there’s nothing worse than having a great night of sex followed by a funky ph balance in the chocha later. And if you wanna be a super awesome friend, throw in these Amazon cotton underwear for 12.99. They are stupid comfortable, breathable, 95% cotton and hands down my favorite underwear ever.

Clean V, $35

Living Proof No Frizz Shield Hairspray

Photo: Amazon.com

When you first hand this gift over, your friend will hug you and say thank you. When your friend finally uses this on a humid day, she will call you, invite you to steak dinner, pay for everything, and then offer you her first born. Nothing protects my hair from the most humid of New York City weather like this spray. If you wanna be a real G, just get her two bottles. She’ll probably throw in baby number two to make it an even swap.

Living Proof No Frizz Shield Hairspray, $12

Personal Microdermabrasion

Photo: AMazon.com

 I’ve been using this wand for the last 3 months, and it is a personal recommendation that you light up someone’s world with this jawn. It’s simple to use, leaves my skin feeling extra clean and smooth. And it has helped me fade away some of the dark marks that annoying breakouts can bring.

Microderm360 Spa Grade Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit, $35

Acupuncture Foot Massager

Photo: Amazon.com

Why send someone to the spa for Christmas when you can slide the spa right under their feet! Snag these acupuncture sandals for that special someone who loves a great foot massage. They help to soothe your feet, improve your circulation, and give relief to the pesky plantar fasciitis so many of us experience from wearing high heels! It’s the perfect spa gift that keeps on giving.

ByRiver Acupressure Foot Massage Mindinsole Jade Stone Indoor Massage Slippers, $25

Evil Eye Tee

Photo: anniethealchemist.com

Protect your friend’s vibes with a giant ass evil eye. These comfortable tees are from Miami-based blogger Annie Vazquez, and her Annie the Alchemist line. Her bruja inspired collection includes other awesome shirts, as well as crystals, palo santo and more.

Annie The Alchemist, $30.06 (with promo code. $34 without)

2019 Horoscope Guide

Photo: Amazon.com

Let your friend obsess over her entire future with the latest Astro guides from the Astrotwins! Funny, honest and almost always accurate, these books break down your career, love and general life predictions for the coming year. Retrograde can’t touch your friend once she gets her hands on this book!

The AstroTwin’s 2019 Horoscope: The Complete Annual Astrology Guide, $50

Labradorite Necklace

Photo: Etsy

Does her terrible ex still have a hold on her heart? Does she have a really terrible boss? Or jealous/negative people in her life? This stone of protection will seal her aura while absorbs all negative psychic energy thrown her way from others. Be sure to add a handwritten note of encouragement and details about the hidden powers of the stone.

Labradorite Gold Coin Necklace, $30

Basic Witches

Photo: Amazon.com

It’s one thing to learn a few tips and tricks on the ‘gram. But for your girl who’s trying to seriously up her bruja game, this is the book to get her to the next level. Filled with tips, stories, and witchy basics, you can pair it with a few white candles and stylized matchbooks to make it extra special.

Basic Witches: How To Summon Success, Banish Drama, and Raise Hell with Your Coven, $14

Online Classes

Photo: Udemy.com

Is there a particular skill your loved one has been trying to master? Did they get a promotion and need a little help learning Excel or social media? Well, you can now choose from over 80,000 online courses to give your friends and family the confidence boost they need to quickly gain a skill and multiple their bank funds!

Udemy, $9.99 +

Total Money Makeover

Photo: Amazon.com

Real friends support their real friends getting paid! If 2018 has your inner circle starting to rethink their money moves, try gifting this New York Times best-selling book, with over 5 million copies sold. They’ll learn to budget, pay off debt, improve their financial habits, and get ready for retirement — which will need a lot more cash than what’s in your 401K, unfortunately.

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Editon: A Proven Plan For Financial Fitness, $18

Becoming by Michelle Obama 

Photo: Amazon.com

One of the most anticipated reads of this year, Michelle Obama’s Becoming will steal your heart. And it’s not short on juicy details: learn how she thought Barack was such a nerd, how she “swerved” on losers who distracted her vision, and how being First Lady changed her life (and ours) forever. For any friend in need of a quick motivational boost, this book, just like Michelle’s legacy, will help her find the strength to put herself on top again.

Becoming by Michelle Obama, $20

How To Love Yourself Cards

Photo: Amazon.com

Louise Hay, $14.85

Rupaul says it all the time: If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Give your friend the foundational tools to a healthier, happier and successful life with this deck from author, speaker, and universal badass, the late Louise Hay. With Louise’s powerful words at her fingertips, your friend will surely join the millions of souls whose lives have changed for the better with Hay’s empowering logic and thoughtful advice.

How To Love Yourself Cards: A Deck of 64 Affirmations, $15

Snake Plant

Photo: Proflowers.com

Got a friend on a plant kick? Or one post a breakup? Send them one of the most wonderful, air purifying plants she can ever put in her home. Who doesn’t love getting flowers delivered at work anyway? Snake plants will shift the energy of any home while adding a noticeable pizzaz to the decor.  I happen to keep an amethyst crystal and rose quartz in mine to add a little spiritual glitter to their oxygen-boosting powers.

Snake Plant Tabletop Plant, $30

Weighted Sleeping Mask

Photo: Gravityblankets.com

One day, when you’re flowing in cash and dropping $200 on a gift like it’s NBD, a weighted anxiety blanket will make the perfect present for the ones who struggle with relieving their stress. Until then, you have these — an almost 1lb, satin and fleece face masks that put just enough weight on your pressure points to make you relax and rest easier.

Gravity Weighted Sleeping Mask, $29.99 (15% off with code HOLIDAY2018)

Cosplay Onesie

Photo: Amazon.com

There’s nothing like wrapping yourself up in something warm and fuzzy on days where you just can’t get your shit together. And since none of us truly has everything perfect, these amazing Cosplay onesies will be a treat for almost anyone you know! And if you’re feeling like a baller, get a matching costume for yourself, and head out to the movies together. Nothing says self-care like a onesie, a reclining movie seat, and some warm mozzarella sticks. Yum!

WOTOGOLD Animal Cosplay Costume Narwhal Unisex Adult Pajamas, $30

Turkish Towel

Photo: Amazon.com

I switched to all Turkish towels about three years ago, and I will probably never go back to a regular terry cloth towel. These large, highly absorbent towels are a super soft luxury to add to your everyday shower routine. In fact, they are so comfortable, you might find yourself lounging around in these 100% cotton wraps for hours at a time, making them the perfect compliment to any self-care day. They also dry much faster than a regular towel, which is super helpful if your bathroom doesn’t have windows, making your regular towels gather mildew much quicker (not these!)

Cacala 10o% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, $20

Silk Nightgown

Photo: Target.com

Perfect for those days where our sleep means a lot, this silk dress nightgown takes the best parts of two-piece sleep set, and leaves the extra fabric behind. To make the gift even more special, consider pairing it with a pair of fluffy, slouchable socks! Super sexy!

Women’s Sleepwear Fluid Knit Nightgown, $20

Finger Labyrinth

Photo: Amazon.com

Looking to improve your meditation practice? Ever tried walking a Labyrinth but were unable to find one near you? Now you can have a finger labyrinth; a handheld pathway that allows the mind to simply focus on moving forward. This meditative practice is thousands of years old and is said to be a wonderful tool to also help even children relax and concentrate.

Finger Labyrinth for Meditation and Prayer, $30

528 Hz Tuning Fork

Photo: Amazon.com

Help your friend release their stress and negative vibes instantly with this 528 Hz Tuning Fork. Sound therapy is an ancient practice that adjusts the body to achieve a peek balance.  It can also improve brain function and clarity, reduce anxiety, bring your nervous system into balance and much, much more.

528 Hz Tuning Fork, $20