11 Self-Care Gifts to Treat Mami This Mother’s Day

I didn’t really start incorporating self-care practices into my routine until my 30s. Before that, I was convinced that working myself to the bone was the only way I was going to successfully achieve my goals and get what I want. Who has time to sit through a one-hour therapy session, meditate for 30 minutes a day or say no to my friends and family about get-togethers when my gut is telling me I need alone time? Blame it on NYC culture or my Aries drive but I knew deep down that my Latina upbringing played a huge role in a lot of the unhealthy decisions I made in my 20s. Our culture embraces working hard and being there for literally everyone — your mama, your man, your homegirl, your prima, and your kids — but yourself. My mom and my abuela didn’t grow up in a generation where self-care was even a thing. Back then self-care was considered selfish and unnecessary. One thing I’ve realized in the whole #selfcare dialogue is none of us are talking about how to school the older generations with self-loving tools. Self-care isn’t some glamours trend, it’s crucial — especially for women of color.

This Mother’s Day instead of just showering your mom with flowers, introduce her to self-care. Talk to her about making time for herself and get her some goodies that will give her the boost and the motivation to finally do it. Trust me, she might think you’re talking that new age hippie nonsense at first but she’ll definitely thank you later. Here are a few self-care-motivating things to get your mama this holiday season!




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