This Self-Love Playlist is All You Need in Life

February 14 may be Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t have to mean a damn thing if you’re single

Photo: Unsplash/@sharonmccutcheon

Photo: Unsplash/@sharonmccutcheon

February 14 may be Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t have to mean a damn thing if you’re single. And it also shouldn’t make you feel sad, mad, embarrassed, or any other negative emotion. You are complete just being you and should you want to meet the right person, you will when the time is right. Honor where you are now, honor your journey and don’t even trip about it girl. Now, all these sentiments should have a soundtrack (as should every other part of your life); we got you covered, with a fun, empowering, self-love playlist. Check it out!


“Bossy” by Kelis Ft. Too $hort

Love is great, but when you’re single, you have more time to focus on being a boss. You can create your life, and your career, as you see fit. Take a risk and follow your dreams. Take that vacation you wanted, and go out with your friends. Afro-Latina Kelis’ song, “Bossy,” reminds us that we are the bosses of our own lives, and what we want, we can get. You don’t need to wait around for someone to give you want you want m’ija. And while you’re at it, be a boss your way. Be unique by being yourself!


“Crying in the Club” by Camila Cabello

“You think, that you’ll die without him
You know, that’s a lie that you tell yourself
You fear, that you’ll lay alone forever now
It ain’t true, ain’t true, ain’t true, no”

Girrrl, how many times have we felt that way? And we still lived, got over it, and were fine. Camila Cabello gives us two jewels in the song, “No Crying in the Club.” One, it serves as a reminder that we often feel at our lowest after a breakup, but all is not lost. Two, it’s a reminder of music’s ability to heal, transform, and make everything in life better.


“Te Bote (Remix)” by Casper, Nio Garcia, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, and Ozuna

Maybe you’ve recently gone through a breakup or still get a bit annoyed when thinking about a certain ex (or several). Hey, we’ve all been there. Why not turn the volume up on the “Te Bote” remix, and sing it out? Remind yourself of all the pendejos you kicked out of your life, and how much better you are now for it. Because as the saying goes, “mejor sola que mal acompañada” (“better alone than with bad company.” If this scenario doesn’t apply to you, then it’s just a great jam to dance to!


“A Quien Le Importa” by Thalia

“My destiny is the one that I decide
The one that I choose for myself
Who cares what I do?
Who cares what I say?
I am like that, and so I will continue, I will never change “

These are the powerful words from Mexicana Thalia’s “A Quien Le Importa.” In it, she states that she is independent and that she doesn’t have an owner. She also is who she is, like it or not. We will definitely co-sign on these sentiments. Also, if you’re different (which we all are in some way or another), just own it!


“Dinero” by Jennifer Lopez Ft. Cardi B and DJ Khaled

In the song “Dinero,” Jennifer Lopez reminds us all, that “if you ain’t getting no pesos, ¿qué estás haciendo?” Your focus should be on your success, not having your head in the clouds focusing too much on love. You can’t control when love comes into your life, so why worry about it so much? Like Cardi said in the song, we need to “merengue to the money, bachata to the bank.” Have your life together, so when love shows up, it’s an added bonus and not some imagined salvation. Get your money!


“Independent” by Webbie Ft. Lil’ Boosie and Lil’ Phat

We are all for a song that makes us feel like we are living life right. Webbie’s “Independent,” a throwback jam, raps the praises of a woman who has her own things— house, car, and pays her own bills, and doesn’t need a man to help her out with finances. You’ll want to spell out I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T (“do you know what I mean?”) while single, and even if you’re not. It’s a female empowerment song, rapped by a man, which is both rare, and awesome.


“No Soy Esa Mujer” by Paulina Rubio

“I am not that woman who does not leave the house
and who puts the best of her soul at your feet;
I will not become the echo of your voice, in a corner …
I am not that woman.
Change your way of thinking about me,
Or you will see how you will not find me here;
And even if my heart breaks I will force you to understand this lesson.

I am not that woman, that lost girl,
who signs a paper and gives you her life”

We’ve always love Mexicana Paulina Rubio for being in-your-face, doing things her way, and not caring what others say. Her songs have had feminist, and independent women vibes, especially this one, “No Soy Esa Mujer.”


“Vivir La Vida” by Marc Anthony

“And why cry, for what
If a pain hurts, it is forgotten
And why suffer, for what
If life is like that, you have to live it, la la lé
I will laugh, I will dance
live my life la la la la
I’m laughing, I’m going to enjoy
live my life la la la la
I’m going to live the moment
To understand the destination
I’ll listen in silence
To find the way”

No matter how much we plan, life isn’t completely in our hands or 100% predictable. We will shed tears and have setbacks. But we have to choose to be happy (whenever possible) and live our lives. Thank you, Marc Anthony for the reminder!


“La Vida es un Carnaval” by Celia Cruz

who thinks that life is unequal
must know that it is not so
that life is a beauty You
have to live it

who thinks he is alone and that is wrong
He must know that it is not so
that in life there is nobody alone
There is always someone

Oh, we must not cry (We must not cry)
That life is a carnival
That it is more beautiful to live singing
Oh oh oh oh, there is no need to cry (No need to cry)
That life is a carnival
And the sorrows are gone singing”

Another song on how to look at life — single or not — is Cubana Celia Cruz’s “La Vida es un Carnaval.” The lyrics focus on enjoying the carnival that is life, and to not dwell on the bad, because the negative is fleeting. And there is so much good!


“Sonrisa” by Elvis Crespo

Nuyorican Elvis Crespo’s music is fun, highly danceable, and just makes you feel happy. His song, “Sonrisa” should be on so many playlists. Once that beat drops, you can’t help but dance and be content in the moment. And everyone loves to be reminded that they have a great smile, unless the person is creepy or rude. Then that’s a whole other story!


“Inolvidable” by Jenni Rivera

The late, great Jenni Rivera was all about being an independent boss lady who didn’t need anyone. Her songs are empowering, and help us to unleash our inner badass. “Inolvidable” is a fun jam about being that unforgettable ex in your ex’s (or exes’) life. We know what we’re worth and won’t settle for less than happiness. Sometimes, it takes some songs, and someone else with a jefa attitude, to remind us of that.


“Just a Girl” by No Doubt

“‘Cause I’m just a girl, little ol’ me
Well don’t let me out of your sight
Oh, I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don’t let me have any rights
Oh, I’ve had it up to here!”

Before she had a successful solo career, Gwen Stefani was the badass frontwoman for the band, No Doubt. Their hit song, “Just a Girl,” was co-penned by Stefani, She was inspiring to share her frustration after she got in trouble by her father for driving late at night. The jam is a reminder to not let our gender get in the way of anything in life and to not be afraid of things because we’ve been taught to, solely for being a woman.


“Antipatriarcha” by Ana Tijoux

“I can be head of household, employee or intellectual
I can be protagonist of our history and the one that waves
People the community, the one that awakens the neighborhood
The one that organizes the economy of your family home
Woman leader stands up
And to break the chains of the skin

No submissive nor obedient
strong woman
independent and brave insurgent
break the chains of the indifferent
not passive or oppressed
beautiful woman who gives life
emancipated in
antipatriarca autonomy and joy”

You have to love a song called “Antipatriarca.” Women and men are equal. We don’t need men for anything. We are enough.


“Smooth” by Carlos Santana Ft. Rob Thomas

1. Carlos Santana is an amazing music legend. 2. The song “Smooth” is the jam. 3. I’m all for a song praising the awesomeness of the Latina woman. It’s great to have a cute man singing about how bomb you are, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t already feel that way about yourself. So be your own cheerleader first and sing your own praises and then when someone else does, you’ll actually believe them, because you know it to be true.


“Quiero Bailar” by Ivy Queen

Ivy Queen was one of the few women holding it down in the early days of reggaeton. She stood out, not only for being a woman, and for her unique style (those nails!) but because she rapped about taking no mess from men. Women’s empowerment has always been a part of her music, and the song, “Quiero Bailar” shows that. It’s a great jam, which lets men know that you may want to dance with them, but that doesn’t mean anything further than that. Being single is sometimes hard to navigate, but remembering that you make the decisions for yourself makes it easier.


“Just Fine” by Mary J. Blige

“So I like what I see when I’m looking at me
When I’m walking past the mirror
No stress through the night, at a time in my life
Ain’t worried about if you feel it
Got my head on straight, I got my mind right
I ain’t gonna let you kill it
You see I wouldn’t change my life, my life’s just

Feels so good, when you’re doing all the things that you want to do
Get the best out of life, treat yourself to something new
It’s a really good thing to say
That I won’t change my life, my life’s just fine.”

Mary J. Blige is one of the artists whose music women turn to when they want to feel empowered, hear the truth, and realize their worth. “Just Fine” is a jam to get down to, while also keeping your mind right.


“Soy Yo” by Bomba Estereo

“I fell, I stopped I walked I got up
I went against the current and lost myself
I failed, I found myself, I lived and I learned
When you’re hit the hardest the beat is more profound

I keep dancing and writing my lyrics
I keep singing with open doors
Crossing all these lands,
one doesn’t have to travel so much to find the answer

And don’t worry if they don’t approve of you, when they critique you just say
I’m me
I’m me, I am I am I am
I’m me”

There’s nothing more important than self-acceptance and self-love. You are who and what you are, and that’s amazing. Life isn’t perfect; it’s a journey you’re on, full of twists and turns. But how you react to that and the positivity you maintain, knowing that you still rock, is what matters.


“Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato

There’s no better feeling than when you get to the point that you’re over a failed relationship, and the subsequent breakup. And when you realize you were too good for an ex, and are doing so much better now. Part of being single is being complete and content without the aid of anyone else. You are enough and can be happy just where you are in life. When you allow your happiness to exist through you, and make an effort to choose it on the regular, that’s a great feeling. Demi Lovato expresses the sentiment of being that chick and having your ex realize it too late. Sorry, not sorry!


“Florence” by  Andrea Echevarri

“From tiny girls put us in the film of romance and Prince Charming,
Cinderella, white snow and sleeping beauty, they are liars, they lie.
With a kiss, they do not save us, they do not wake us up, they do not show us light
Because man is not, the purpose of our existence
You have to stop living, dress, think and act, for men like
Respect for women of all you have to imagine, build and install”

Dang, Andrea Echevarri basically broke down how almost every little girl is brought up to think. The fairy tales and kid’s movies, and how we grow up expecting more of that. Women have to live their lives for themselves, regardless of if they’re with someone else, or not.


“La Negra Tiene Tumbao” by Celia Cruz

It’s no surprise that the super-inspiring Reina de la Salsa Celia Cruz is on this list twice. Her always positive attitude and her insistence on enjoying life is something we all aspire to. “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” is one of her best-known and best-love songs. It makes us all dance but is especially fabulous for all the fly Afro-Latinas out there. The song is a reminder to love yourself, embrace your curves, and love your dope skin color.


“BO$$” by  Fifth Harmony

You have to love a song that shouts out both Michelle Obama and Oprah. Fifth Harmony’s “BO$$” is an anthem for all the ladies who manage their own finances and work to provide. Independence is easier when you’re single, but you should also have your own identity, goals, and life when you’re part of a couple. This song reminds us that we don’t need anyone to provide for us because we can do it ourselves!


“I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan

If someone is going to make you feel like a glorious, empowered, independent woman, it’s Chaka Khan. “I’m Every Woman” is a classic anthem of knowing your worth, what you offer to the world and confidence in who you are. Let’s not forget that this jam was also covered by the equally legendary and fabulous Whitney Houston. Feel free to play either song — or both — when you need a little pep put in your step.


“Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys, who famously decided to stop wearing makeup, has always been about women’s empowerment and showcasing the strength and abilities of women. One of her songs that displays this perfectly is “Girl on Fire.” This entire playlist was supposed to be about being single, but notice how it all comes back to self-love, empowerment, and confidence? And not about being sad, alone, or trying to survive until you find someone else? Your happiness and self-worth should be at a 10, as much as possible.


“Happy” by Pharell

Which leads us to this song. Pharrell’s “Happy” is a feel-good, upbeat, make-you-happy tune. Sometimes you need to put on a song featured in a children’s movie (Despicable Me 2) and dance around like a giddy child. We often forget to be silly, free, and to take these moments to create happiness. Being single hopefully gives you some opportunities to do this, even if it’s a few minutes here and there. Because “happiness is the truth.”


“Todos Me Miran” by Gloria Trevi

“And I let my hair down, I dressed as a queen
I put on heels, I painted myself and I was beautiful
And I walked to the door and I heard you scream at me
But your chains can not stop me anymore
And I looked at the night, it was not dark, it was sequins

And they all look at me, they look at me, they look at me
Because I know I’m beautiful, because they all admire me
And they all look at me, they look at me, they look at me
Because I do what few will dare
And they all look at me, they look at me, they look at me
Some with envy but in the end, but in the end
But in the end, everyone will love me”

Gloria Trevi has been through a lot and has come out the other side of the storm, intact, and stronger than ever. She shares her struggles, and successes through her music, encouraging others to also be strong. Her jam, “Todos Me Miran,” is all about living your truth, taking no mess, and being confident in who you are.


“U Got the Look” by Prince Ft. Sheena Easton

The iconic Prince knew how to make a woman feel beautiful. Many of his songs were odes to women and their magnificence. So, naturally, a Prince song made it onto this list, because we all want to feel magnificent, no? “U Got the Look,” a song the Purple One made with Sheena Easton is about a woman who is pretty, has a great bod, and who has “the look.”


“Stronger” by Britney Spears

“Stronger than yesterday
Now it’s nothing but my way
My loneliness ain’t killing me no more”

If you’re like me, you know your fair share of Britney songs. When “Stronger” came out, it was a catchy song which also had an important message. When you’re single, things are your way. You’re not tied to another person, and you should enjoy that until you feel the need to share your way with someone else. Also, it was a wake up call for those in controlling, toxic unions. You shouldn’t be anyone’s property—ever!


“Freedun” by M.I.A. Ft. Zayn

Rapper, singer, songwriter, artist, producer, and activist M.I.A. says what she thinks, and how she feels. Her catchy tunes almost always have a political, educational, or inspiring message. Her song with Zayn, entitled “Freedun,” is all about super confidence and swag. It’s one of those songs you listen to when you want to feel like that chick, the one who can do it all. Because you are, and you can.


“Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and the Wailers

Bob Marley had a good understanding of life, and how to live it. We read into his songs to get centered, happy, and chill. “Three Little Birds” is one of those songs you want to have on repeat, no matter what your mood. If you feel down or upset, the words “don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright” will help put things into perspective. If you’re happy and in a good mood, you will know these words to be true, because you’re living them. You know it’s going to be alright. It always works that way.


“Golden” by Jill Scott

“I’m holdin on to my freedom, can’t take it from me
I was born into it, it comes naturally
I’m strumming my own freedom in the god in me
reverence in his glory, hope he proud of me”

Positivity just radiates from Jill Scott and her beautiful smile and equally beautiful voice. “Golden” is such an inspiring song; it calls you to also live your “life like it’s golden.” Because it is. It’s also a high five to freedom, being happy, and seeing things in a positive way.

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