September’s Harvest Moon Will Be a Powerful One

September’s full moon is considered the fall equinox moon, a

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September’s full moon is considered the fall equinox moon, a.k.a the Harvest Moon, and the time the moon gives you the most light for you to get the job done right, says founder of La Brujas Club and fellow bruja Nathalie Farfan. In other words, the pull is powerful this month but it’s for the best.

In the days before this month’s full moon, landing on September 23rd, Farfan says people usually feel heavier spiritually but much lighter after it, especially if you do your due diligence and journal, smudge cleanse, meditate, dance or do all of the above. 

Because you can honor the full moon in whatever way you see fit as long as it’s true to you. Not sure what speaks to you? Try a simple ritual that Farfan practices at La Brujas Club, a wellness community helping women connect to their source so they can feel liberated and balanced.

Farfan suggests getting a piece of paper, write down what you want to release and then burn it. Then, cleanse yourself with palo santo to neutralize any negative energy.

“Full moon rituals consist of releasing what no longer serves you as opposed to new moons that are focused on setting new intentions. The half moon is about watching the seeds you planted flourish into something,” she adds, “But they all need each other for each phase to exist.”

She says even as a young girl she loved the moon. But it wasn’t until she picked up a random book at a thrift store in California on moon cycles and how it connected to water and a woman’s womb that she felt a true appreciation for its power. She says the spirits guided her to it.

Working with the moon’s energy doesn’t have to be on just the full or new moon either. Farfan says she works with the moon everyday and starts by thanking the moon.

“The moon is my guiding light at night. Every month I choose a phase I feel connected to the most and honor it with a limpieza de humo,” Farfan adds.

But it wasn’t until the moon answered her prayer one night that she truly took on a whole new appreciation for the moon’s energy. 

“I prayed to the moon to have a natural miscarriage because I didn’t have the courage to get an an abortion. The moon answered my prayers 24 hours later. The full moon energy is real, you just have to believe in it,” says Farfan.

If you’re in the New York City area, and want to gather with like-minded brujas, check out their upcoming event on Sept 21st. This particular gathering will be focused on reviving ancestral roots and divination tools under the moon with Reiki healers who will help clear out chakras and energy focusing on new moon intentions.

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