12 Songs to Get You in the Mood the Next Time You Netflix & Chill

We all have that one song that gets us so excited. That one jam we make sure to play whenever there’s the slightest chance that a special someone might be coming over to Netflix and chill – or just chill. Our parents called it baby-making music, we just refer to it as our sex playlist, something everyone should have especially with cuffing season right around the corner.

But after checking Spotify’s disappointing sex playlist that consisted of mainly male artists like Chris Brown, R. Kelly, and Usher, who are known for their misogynistic lyrics AND lifestyles that harm women – I decided to curate a list of sexy songs that consisted of only female artists. Check it out and play the next time you’re in the mood!

“Hit of You” by Paloma Ford. 

The lyrics are cute and the jam is hot. A must-play for sexy times.




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