12 Songs to Get You in the Mood the Next Time You Netflix & Chill

We all have that one song that gets us so excited

Photo: Unsplash/@freestocks

Photo: Unsplash/@freestocks

We all have that one song that gets us so excited. That one jam we make sure to play whenever there’s the slightest chance that a special someone might be coming over to Netflix and chill – or just chill. Our parents called it baby-making music, we just refer to it as our sex playlist, something everyone should have especially with cuffing season right around the corner.

But after checking Spotify’s disappointing sex playlist that consisted of mainly male artists like Chris Brown, R. Kelly, and Usher, who are known for their misogynistic lyrics AND lifestyles that harm women – I decided to curate a list of sexy songs that consisted of only female artists. Check it out and play the next time you’re in the mood!

“Hit of You” by Paloma Ford. 

The lyrics are cute and the jam is hot. A must-play for sexy times.


“Honey” by TRACE

If you’re looking for something a bit more lounge-y – this is your song.


“Disco Tit’s” by Tove Lo

The Swedish singer’s first track off her upcoming album “BLUE Lips” might make you and AND your partner blush. The NSFW lyrics are sexy as hell and the beat is everything.


“Upside Down” by Diana Ross.

A sex playlist isn’t a playlist, without a few good ol’ school jams and this 1980s, disco-song is no exception.


“Ring My Bell” by Anita Ward.

The 1979 disco song was considered SUPER risqué back in the day and yet still has a fun and naughty tone to it in 2017.


“Kiss it Better” by Rihanna.

No fighting – just sexual healing.


“Rocket” by Beyonce.

The sexual innuendos in this song are enough to get ANYONE in the mood. Seriously, though.


“Body Party” by Ciara.

 I swear, Ciara has a knack for making any song sound sexy AF.  Who wouldn’t get turned on by these lyrics: “My body is your party?”


“The Sweetest Taboo” by Sade.

Come on, this 1985 jam will always be hot – no matter what. It’s a sex playlist classic.


“Gimme Your Love” by Morcheeba.

It’s the kind of song that will literally put you in a trance. And who doesn’t want that kind of experience while having sex?

wp_*posts“Trap” by Shakira.

The song, which features Colombian singer Maluma, is all about having sex in different areas. I’ll leave you with that.


“Me Voy” by Ibeyi.

The track features the Parisian-Cuban twin duo Ibeyi, along with Spanish rapper Mala Rodriguez, and the sensual lyrics speak for themselves.

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