Photo: Unsplash/@taylor_melesh

7 Beautiful Reasons I Want to Cut My Curly Hair Short

I’ve been wanting to cut my curly hair short for a while, but I’ve always held back on doing so. I’ve always felt insecure about my round face and short stature. I really have never thought that I could pull off the short hair look, especially with my weird wavy hair that gets curlier when it’s shorter.

But I’m getting inspired to make the drastic change, and there’s reasons as to why. Or I should say, I am having a change of heart because some incredible women are helping me to have the guts to chop it off. There’s been such a large movement for curly hair that I now feel like my frizzy waves do have a life outside the long length. Why should I have to put myself in a box just because of my own insecurities? It’s totally not fair.

No curl or wave is like the other, so who cares if my waves are unpredictable? I have to learn how to embrace the curl, whichever way it wakes up in the morning. There’s also so many hair products that have helped ease my worries too.

Because curly hair is beautiful in every length and it’s time to take that bold step into the unknown. So without further ado, these seven bold women are encouraging me to go short.