12 Signs Your Drinking Might Be Going Too Far

Talking about drinking is not always easy. As a recovering alcoholic, I would know. Before I finally admitted that I had a serious problem and sought help (with the help of my parents), my drinking had been on a steady increase in the last few years. In fact, I would say that there were several telltale signs of alcoholism well before I actually faced up to it. And while I can’t diagnose anyone else’s alcohol dependence, I can tell you my own story in hopes that it will help others who may be suffering.

The truth is, I suspected that my drinking had become problematic well before I actually sought help. It slowly but surely became more and more of a problem and, let me tell you, there were probably signs that I should have recognized before I even entered rehab. According to Women’s Health, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself if you think you might have a problem with alcohol. In fact, here are 12 signs that might indicate you have issues with drinking (though you should speak to your doctor or a counselor before diagnosing yourself).

1. You’re drinking every time that you go out. 

Before I got help, drinking became a pretty regular part of going out. Although your drinking might look different than mine, a big marker for me was that there wasn’t a brunch or dinner that I turned down — all because I was hoping that it would all include a cocktail. Even at work events, I was always caught with a drink in hand. 




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