15 Things to Know About Reggaeton Artist Natti Natasha

The year 2018 was definitely a huge one for reggaeton/bachata/Latin pop singer and songwriter Natti Natasha

Photo: Wikimedia/Cmoro005

Photo: Wikimedia/Cmoro005

The year 2018 was definitely a huge one for reggaeton/bachata/Latin pop singer and songwriter Natti Natasha. Her songs have topped the charts, she’s been nominated for several awards, and has worked with some of the top names in the music game. In fact, she’s leading the nominations at this year’s Premio Lo Nuestro. Here are 15 fun facts we dug up about this Latinx rising star.


She is Dominicana


Natti Natasha was born Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista, in Santiago de Caballeros, Dominican Republic. There, she attended the School of Fine Arts, to develop her talent for singing.


She’s Had 2 #1 Songs

Natti has been on the scene since 2012 and already has 2 #1 hits under her belt. The first was “Dutty Love,” a 2012 Don Omar track she was featured on. The second is “Sin Pijama,” her big hit this year with Becky G. Both reached the top of Billboard’s Latin Pop Chart.


Natti Natasha is the Most-Watched Woman on YouTube


In addition to her songs being hits, Natti’s music videos have made her the most-watched female artist on YouTube in 2018. She was one of their Top 10 most-watch acts, with 3.9 billion views.


Natti Natasha Was Signed to Don Omar’s Label

Natti Natasha signed to Don Omar’s Orfanato Music Group, the label which released her single, “Dutty Love,” with the reggaeton legend. She later signed to Pina Records in 2017.


She Was One of the Top Female Latin Artists of 2018


Natti’s success made her one of Billboard’s Top Female Latin Artists of 2018 list. She is in good company, with icons Selena and Shakira, as well as other newer stars like Karol G and Becky G. wp_*posts

And 5 Top 10 Hits


A whopping five songs of Natti Natasha’s have been Top 10 hits. These are: “Dutty Love” (with Don Omar), “Sin Pijama” (with Becky G), “Justicia” (with Silvestre Dangond), “Perdido En Tus Ojos” (with Don Omar), and “No Me Recuerdo” (with Thalia).


Natti is a Vegan


She may have mentioned that she was a vegetarian in her lyrics on the “Dura (Remix),” but Natti is actually a vegan.


She Was on the Hit “Dura (Remix)”


“Dura” and the “Dura (Remix)” were two of the big jams of 2018. On the remix, Natti threw in some women’s empowerment lyrics that had us singing along with pride.


And “Sin Pijama”


“Sin Pijama,” Natti Natasha’s song with Becky G, became a huge hit. It hit #1 on the Billboard Latin Pop Songs Chart, and the video has been viewed on YouTube 1.2 billion times.


Natti Was Nominated for 15 Premios Lo Nuestro


Natti was overcome with emotion during this Instagram post sharing the fact that she has been nominated for a whopping 15 Premios Lo Nuestro awards. This makes her the most nominated woman for Premios Lo Nuestro in a decade.


Her Favorite Color is Purple


It’s always fun to find out stars’ favorite things. Natti Natasha’s favorite color is purple.


She Has Over 10 Million Followers on Instagram


Natti Natasha has 10.8 million followers on Instagram. On her profile, she shares behind-the-scenes glimpses at her life, stats on her rise to the top, and videos where she speaks to her fans.


Natti Natasha’s Collaborated With the Biggest Names in Music


Natti Natasha has collaborated with some of the biggest stars in music. This includes Thalia, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, and Don Omar.


Her Favorite Homecooked Meal is Red Beans, Rice, and Tostones

Natti Natasha was recently interviewed on Billboard Growing Up Latino series. On it, she shared that her favorite home cooked meal is red beans, rice, and tostones.


Natti Natasha’s Nickname is “La Baby”


Natti Natasha’s nickname is “La Baby.” She has a baby face, even looking like similarly baby-faced Latina Selena Gomez in this #TBT pic.


She Moved to The Bronx When She Was 18

Natti Natasha moved to The Bronx when she was 18, to follow her music dream. Soon after, she met Don Omar, who would help guide her career.


She’s Tried Her Hand at Acting


Natti has done a little acting, in addition to being a singer and songwriter. She played the role of Inna Cembrenel on the TV web series, Atlantic City Chronicles.


Lauryn Hill is Her Favorite Artist

Natti has shared that Lauryn Hill is her favorite artist. She is also inspired by artists such as Ivy Queen, Jenni Rivera, and Bob Marley.


She Has Been Nominated for Several Other Awards

In addition to the record number of Premio Lo Nuestro awards she was nominated for, Natti Natasha has also been nominated for several other awards. These include a Latin Grammy, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and a Premios Tu Mundo award.


Natti’s Life Mantra is “All You Need is Love”

Probably the coolest thing about Natti Natasha is her life mantra. Like The Beatles, she believes that “all you need is love.”

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