35 Emotions Single Girls Feel On Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day

Photo: Unsplash/@viazavier

Photo: Unsplash/@viazavier

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day celebrated each year, which can make us feel loved, romantic, or bitter, sad, and upset. If you’re single on this day, hopefully you know that you are still a badass person who is loved and doesn’t need anyone to make you happy. But let’s just have a laugh at all the 20,000 emotions and thoughts we might have when February 14 rolls around.

Why Are We Still Celebrating This Consumer Holiday?

Dude, it’s just a day that makes greeting card companies, florists, and teddy bear manufacturers richer each year. Shouldn’t you be romantic and appreciative all of the time? Pssht.

Seriously, It’s Just BS!

So, we are supposed to walk down these red and pink decorated aisles at all of the stores we shop at and feel bad because we aren’t getting any of this plastic-y sh*t or buying it either?! How rude!

Before the 14th Even Arrives

You know said red and pink, overly-decorated, consumer crap is lining the shelves in January. So the annoyance and reminder that you’re single AF is at least a two-month affair.

I Won’t Be in the Card Aisle This Year

Valentine’s Day is not like other holidays, where you can tell your neighbor, “Happy Holidays!” or whatnot. No, the days of handing out valentines to your friends and family went out when you reached junior high.

We’ll Just Give Valentine’s Day a New Name

We are a modern, ever-changing society, which is constantly evolving with the times and making improvements as we go along. Why not make February 14 Singles Awareness Day? Then couples can feel awkward instead of us (kidding, not kidding).

You Couples Are Annoying

It’s not always fun to want to be one half of a couple and aren’t. Then find yourself surrounded by several other happy couples and it’s totally nauseating on the 14th.


Meh. That is a big sentiment for Valentine’s Day for singles. Little meh when you don’t care either way and are fine. Big meh when you’re picking out which Ben and Jerry’s flavor to cry into for your Netflix rom-com extravaganza.

More Champagne For Me!

Champagne is not just for Valentine’s Day. It’s the beverage of choice for all awesomeness. So, buy that bottle of bubbly you’ve been wanting, and celebrate your love for your damn self. Self clink!

Why Am I Even Single?

No, really why? This question might pop into your head on Valentine’s Day if you’re one without a plus one. Chalk it up to timing and your life journey, because, c’mon, we’re awesome.

But Maybe You Want to Be Single

Whenever anyone tries to make you feel bad about being single on Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter), remember all the freedom and independence you have. How you can do what you want, and only have to think about how that affects you. So, there.

You Don’t Need a Man/Partner

You don’t need anyone to make you happy or feel loved, because those feelings come from you (on repeat!) You make the decision every moment to be happy (within what you can do), find the best in everything, and live in the now. A partner can add to that but doesn’t change that.

When You Still Have that Crush

You could spend the 14th thinking about random exes, or the crush(es) you have. Send a text? Flirt next time you see them? Realize you’re just living out a novela in your head? So many options.

It’s OK to Be Single

Seriously, it’s OK to not have a novio. Or be married, or have kids. There’s no mandatory checklist that women have to abide by and that applies for Latinas too.

Because I’m an Independent Woman

Women empowerment time. You can’t control your whole life (trust me, I tried). So take this moment and fully enjoy all the benefits of it. Because one day, you may be in a relationship and will look back at your single days and instead of being able to say you enjoyed your “you” time, you’ll remember you felt bad the entire time.

When You’ve Just Gotten Out of a Relationship

Then there’s those who literally just got out of a relationship. This feeling may sting a little more than the rest of us. Be sure to do something nice for yourself, even if that’s having a nice dinner, getting a massage, or watching a film you’ve been wanting to see.

And You’re Focusing on You Time

Invest in yourself! You should do this always, but it’s harder when you’re in a relationship.

When You’re Disappointed in Men

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day is just one big eye roll fest of annoyance with an entire gender [pick your choice(s)]. Feel your feelings, but don’t stay bitter for long— you have a fabulous life to live, m’ija.

Or You’re Apathetic About Love

On the other end of being angry, bitter, or very annoyed is not feeling anything at all. While nothing should bother you, being blah about love isn’t great either. Again, honor your feelings and just remember to not linger in any negative ones for too long.

But I’m Not Good at Being Single!

Pity party, table of one! Being single can be awkward, especially for us serial monogamists. But there’s no need to get all emotional over it. Think about all the tears you probably have shed in relationships and move on!

You’re Not Going to Be Kind of In a Relationship

And you definitely don’t want to settle for the kind of relationship you don’t want. The confusing ones. The purposely undefined ones that constantly have you questioning everything. The half-relationships and just stressful situationships you have zero time for.

The Person You’re Waiting For Will Be Worth It

Enjoy your single life until something worth it comes along. Whether it’s “the one” or whatever you’re looking for, don’t settle for kinda ok. Do you want a kinda ok relationship?

When You Just Want to Pretty Cry

Cry if you have to like J.Lo when she was walking in the snow dressed fab and carrying designer luggage in her “All I Have” music video featuring LL Cool J. Added bonus if you have friends who will help you carry it (the designer luggage and your troubles!)

Or Ugly Cry

Heck, if you’re going to cry, you might just flat out fea cry. Sometimes it will start as a pretty little cry and you feel so good just releasing your emotions, that you cry for everything you’ve been wanting to cry about. Let it out, girl. It’s healing.

You Know You’ll Find Someone (if You Want To)

There are over 3.8 billion men in the world and over 3.8 billion women. Although these stats are annoying to hear when you’re single, even more so when you’re stuck on one person, they’re also very encouraging.

When You Remember Your Past Breakups

Valentine’s Day may have you reflecting on all those relationships where you did get nice cards, flowers, and quality time. But really, think of how you’re better off now that you’re single and don’t have to deal with any relationship drama.

And the Relationships That Weren’t Going to Work

There are those relationships that were doomed from the beginning. The ones your friends and family warned against, and those your gut was like “oh heck naw” to. Be happy you’re not in one of those.

When You Feel Sorry For Yourself

You’re probably going to cycle through all kinds of emotions on Valentine’s Day and super dramatic nonsense might be among them. You may feel like no one will ever love you again but that’s not true. Calmate, m’ija; it’s not that serious.

Then Realize You Love and Accept Yourself

You know why? Because you love you, and when you do, that’s enough. When you get there shortly after someone else will too.

Maybe I Should Go Shopping

I don’t need an excuse to shop, but when there’s one, you don’t feel so bad. Retail therapy is so fun, but so is having money in your savings account. If you can afford a little compra here or there, go for it.

That Makes Everything Better, No?

I think so. You would probably be buying something for someone else on Valentine’s Day. So if it’s within your budget to do so, buy a gift for yourself!

Single on Valentine’s Day = More Chocolate For Me

One great thing about Valentine’s Day is the adorable and dizzying array of chocolates that become available to purchase. If you love chocolate, you’ll love all the chocolate you can buy for yourself.

I Can Spend the Day With My Other Single Friends

Chances are, you’re not the only single person among your group of friends. Why not hang out with them on the 14th and go to the spa, or have a girls’ trip?

Or Building My Empire

Or take the day to focus on your business, boss lady. Set your goals, write down the steps of the plan, and make your dreams happen. You’ll love that.

Or Do Something Fabulous For Yourself

This is the day to put on that face mask you have been procrastinating on, to listen to that new album or podcast, take a nap, do some reading, or catch up on your TV show and movie watch list. You should always find time for self-care, but what better day than Valentine’s Day?

And Always Be Happy and Loved Because I Am

You are fabulous. You are enough. You are loved. Whether you want to go all out, or just completely disregard February 15 as just another day, it doesn’t change these fundamental things.

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