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All Praise the Queen! Sofia Vergara Is the Highest Paid Actor On TV

Sofia Vergara, you are the queen — and king — of TV! Forbes has reported the highest paid actors and actresses on TV right now, and lo and be hold, it is a Latina that is on top. We are so elated to share this news because OMG a Latina is making bank! And rightly so.

According to Forbes, Vergara is raking in $42.5 million a year, which is $16 million more than Jim Parsons’ of “The Big Bang Theory” who is the highest paid actor on the small screen. Vergara’s cool $43 million (let’s just round up) is 73 percent more than Kaley Cuoco’s (“The Big Bang Theory) second place spot, which stands at $24.5 million. Not bad for a show we had no idea was still on the air. In third place is “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Ellen Pompeo who brings home $23.5 million. The odd thing about this is that we thought Pompeo was the highest paid actress on TV after her big story in the Hollywood Reporter. However, according to Forbes, Vergara has been the highest paid actress for seven years, and the highest paid actor for the past three years, according to Huffington Post.

So how is she making so much bank? Forbes reports that her big bucks isn’t just resting on her “Modern Family” paycheck, but also her various license deals with coffee maker SharkNinja Coffee and furniture chain Rooms To Go, and Head & Shoulders (don’t you just love her commercials?). Before we came to adore Vergara as Gloria on “Modern Family,” she was already a veteran of the Latino entertainment scene, so this is big paycheck is very much deserved.

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We cannot think of a more deserving person on TV than Vergara to score this huge achievement. With so much turmoil in our country and hateful rhetoric against Latinx people, it’s so inspiring to see a Latina accomplish so much and on her own terms.

Felicidades, Sofia!