Father Is Now Raising Child Alone After His Wife Died During An Emergency C-Section

For women who struggle with fertility and are trying to conceive, every day feels like a battle

Photo: Unsplash/@adroman

Photo: Unsplash/@adroman

For women who struggle with fertility and are trying to conceive, every day feels like a battle. Every day without positive news of a pregnancy is heartbreaking to say the least. So when Vanessa Fernandez Arango finally got a positive pregnancy test earlier this year ,it was as if God was finally listening to her prayers. Vanessa did what most expecting moms do, she documented every moment. For women with fertility issues, Vanessa’s story was a hopeful one, so naturally her Instagram account became very popular.

“The beginning of the end,” Vanessa wrote in May after finding out she was pregnant. “The principle of feeling life, and the end of suffering. Five months already seeing that image and it’s like yesterday. After two ectopic pregnancies, with its two operations in which I lost a little bit of myself. But everything (or almost everything) recovers. If something was clear to me (among many things), it is that I have been courageous walking with the fear of the hand. And I have not done it alone.”

Vanessa updated her followers throughout her pregnancy, false alarms and all. Everything, however, seemed to be going smoothly, but at 38 weeks pregnant, things took a turn for the worse.

Her husband Jonathan updated by writing the following: “Hello, I’m Vanessa’s husband, this morning she was in pain and having breakfast she fainted. They have taken us by ambulance to the hospital and there they had to have an emergency c-section. The child is very serious in the ICU and my wife has suffered a cardiac arrest from which she has not been able to leave. I send you this because my wife was very fond of you, and I think the least I can do is say goodbye as she would have liked. Thank you very much for the encouragement that you have given and for the gestures of love towards the 2. A very strong hug to all.”

Vanessa died in the hospital. She was only 30-years-old.

Despite her husband saying he would be saying goodbye to her followers, he has not. He has been updating them all about his new life as a single husband.

Alvaro is recovering little by little. Many thanks to all with all my heart, I had not imagined that a farewell message in honor of my wife would have caused such an avalanche of support, you have helped me as much as I hope she helped you.”

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