5 Ways to Start a Spiritual Beauty Routine

Spiritual skincare HipLatina


There comes a point in every woman’s life when she looks to develop a spiritual practice to truly connect to her inner self. However, in today’s world, many women are turning to less conventional ways of tapping into their inner self and spiritual side. 

From yoga to reiki — women of color especially — have begun to familiarize themselves with routines that allow them to feel connected to a higher source, without necessarily having to work within the confines of a traditional church or temple.  As more women are exploring spirituality beyond organized religion, it’s become evident through podcasts like Naked Beauty and blogs like Into the Gloss, that beauty routines — particularly skincare ones — are becoming ritualistic in ways that make us say “Amen.”

We visited CAP Beauty in New York City to learn exactly what goes into a spiritual beauty routine. Here are five ways we learned to make skincare more sacred. 




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