Spring Cleaning: The Latin Music Playlist That Will Get You Going

Salsa Songs for Cleaning Day HipLatina

Most of us like to multitask. It’s time-saving and allows us to get twice as much stuff done. We’re thinking our moms were on to something when they blasted music early on the weekends, right before they were about to clean the house. Not only is having a soundtrack while you’re cleaning helpful because it makes us dread the task a little less, but the added bonus is that it really gets you to move. You clean faster and you feel happier, all while listening to your favorite jams.

Listening to our favorite Latino songs while we sing, also gets us in the mood to get our dance on. You’ll find yourself full-out bailando with the broom, belting out the words to each song, and breaking a sweat. You know what that means, right? You’re essentially combining cleaning with a solid cardio workout. What a win-win, multitasking situation! You don’t have to go to the gym before or after you clean, because the workout is literally built into your household chores.Our abuelitas, moms, and tias are geniuses!

We want to keep this tradition of cleaning while jammin’ up, so we made a super-cool, danceable playlist of songs that you probably already know all the words to. It’s a fun mix of those throwback songs that had you on the dancefloor at every wedding, birthday party, holiday party, and Latino family gathering, peppered in with some new jams that you can’t help but dance to. Because sometimes we need that extra motivation to get our place half as sparkling as what our moms’ version of clean is. Grab your Swiffer girl, and let’s get some cleaning — and dancing — done!




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