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Everything You Need to Know About Spring Cleaning According to My Latina Mom

Sponsored by  Cleaning holds a special place in my heart. I remember waking up Saturday mornings to the sounds of cumbias and the fresh smell of cleaning products filling the air as mami prepared to make our home sparkle. Chores...
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2023 Has Been A Slow Start For Me and I’m Not Mad About It

Sponsored by  There’s so much pressure to make the most of a new year. Me? I’ve been starting off slow. I’m not worried about reading five books per month or getting in the gym two times per day. Instead, I’ve...

Relatable Feelings Every Mom Has During Back to School Season

Sofía Aguilar
Summer is almost over. For many kids, this means the end of pool swims, carnival rides, traveling, unlimited family visits, and freedom. For parents, it’s more bittersweet. Sure, the kids are finally out of the house but this season also...

15 Chemical-Free Recipes You Can DIY For More Sustainable Cleaning

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Do you ever look at the ingredients lists when you go shopping for household cleaners? If you do, what you see will probably scare you. There are loads of dangerous chemicals in our everyday household cleaning supplies, things we can’t...
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Spring Cleaning: The Latin Music Playlist That Will Get You Going

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
  Most of us like to multitask. It’s time-saving and allows us to get twice as much stuff done. We’re thinking our moms were on to something when they blasted music early on the weekends, right before they were about...