The Spring Equinox and the Wheel of Magic: What You Need to Know

A new season is among us and it’s time to spin our dreams into form

Photo: Instagram/michellejeovanny

Photo: Instagram/michellejeovanny

A new season is among us and it’s time to spin our dreams into form.  In astrology March Equinox, the first day of Spring is considered the first day of the New Year, as the sun is moving into Aries, which is the first of the zodiac signs. This shift represents for all of us, a new beginning.

Because the shift represents different seasons depending on the hemisphere we are in, we look to the season we are shifting into. Nature mirrors back to us, the hidden clues our new season has in store for us. In the northern hemisphere, we have been in harvest mode, diving deep into the depths of our soul as winter would have it. Now we are shifting from the inner world to the outer world, with a burst of creativity seeking to express the full bloom of our ideas.

The Spring Equinox is powerful in so many ways. In the ancient times, this energetic alignment where both day and night are equal in time was considered to open up a magick portal. A portal that is amplified this year with the super full moon in Libra.

This full moon is the last of the three supermoons, highlighting what needs to be amplified in order to be fully released. Expect some emotional tides resurfacing, but all part of that one big cleanse to create space and set the stage for what’s next.

The theme this year is all about balance and bringing into form. However, balance in the way we’ve been taught is rooted in control. It’s often about controlling our days, times, and needs to fulfill a desired outcome. And yet, true balance is not about creating balance that tends to all of our needs. True balance is about being super present to what the moment is calling forth, to what the moment is asking of us. It’s about allowing the heart to guide us as we align most of our days and times to the activities that resonate most with our soul’s plan, our life’s purpose, and to the things that have us come alive.

With Uranus in Taurus until 2016, radical changes come about but all for our greatest unfolding. It’s a time to really follow our intuition and not overthink things. Take this time to think about the possibilities you can dream up for your life. Dream in every aspect of the wheel of magick, from career to relationships, family, health, spirituality, adventure, and intimacy. What dreams can you create in each aspect of your life?

It’s time to breathe life into all these possibilities. The Universe loves when we stand bold as committed creators and manifestors in our lives. Our dreams chose us for a reason and it’s time to start believing by taking committed action to these ideas that keep us up at night.

For this spring equinox, take some time to journal about your dreams and then list 3-5 steps you get to take in order to manifest each dream. The key is to activate your dreams by unlocking your five senses.

First, let’s dive into the sacred feminine flow of unlocking the hidden potential of your dreams:

What does your dream look and feel like?

What would having your dream come true look and feel like for you?

What is that ultimate feeling having your dream would unlock for you?

What are the steps to manifest this dream?

What are 3-5 steps you get to take in order to create this dream?

Who are the people in your life you get to ask support from when it comes to your dream?

What are 3-5 things you are requesting the Universe to handle for you?

Each day of Spring blossoms with massive opportunities, abundance, and creativity. Taking action each day from a place of envisioning what’s possible is all it takes. Spend some time each morning or evening or even throughout your day doing the one thing that billionaires all do — VISUALIZATION.

Take some time to simply envision your dream taking place and tapping into all five senses on what having that dream would look like and feel like. Then from that space of vision and intention, take action each day towards manifesting your dream. Harness the energy of this beautiful spring equinox and the super full moon. It’s time to bring your ideas and dreams to life.

Then let’s dive into the sacred masculine flow in unleashing the blueprint of your dreams.

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