Photo: Instagram/claudia_.w

The Squiggly Brow Is a New Beauty Trend — and It’s Not a Joke

Our Twitter and Instagram feed is blowing up with pictures of squiggly brows, and at first we thought it was some kind of a joke. But no, this is a real beauty trend! While we’ve all seen all sorts of brow trends, from the super bushy brow to even the Frida Kahlo-unibrow making a comeback, but this one is far from anything we’ve ever seen.

The squiggly brow trend started back with this one Instagram:

Fashion makeup artist Claudia Wang was the first one to try it back in July. As you can see some trends take a time to catch up to the world because it’s been almost two months later, and only now are people talking about it. As soon as this look went viral, everyone (who is willing to have some fun with their look) is trying it out. Here’s some people attempting the squiggly brow.


Here’s some creative takes of the squiggly brow:


And here’s some that are just so awkward, but totally hilarious:

As you can see there’s a cool way to try the squiggly brow and then there’s the weird way. Now that people are on top of this trend, Claudia has been posting more images of her creation. But she’s not calling it the squiggly brow but rather the wavy brow.

And while we don’t know exactly how she achieves to create the perfect wave, Allure notes that it might be Elmer’s Glue! Yes, that can be quite a beauty challenge to put glue on your brows, but Allure says that the glue can wash off.

Not sure if we’d risk it but if you’re adventurous go for it!

In the comments section, Claudia says that a video tutorial is coming up! This will definitely be interesting to watch.

Is this something you would try? Let us know!