15 Empowering Statement Tees From Latinx-Owned Brands

Feeling empowered is important all year long but especially as we’re still amid pandemic and in quarantine as we start a new year

Latinx-owned Statement Tees

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Feeling empowered is important all year long but especially as we’re still amid pandemic and in quarantine as we start a new year. We need motivating words to keep us going, to let us know that everything’s going to be okay, and that it allows us to reclaim our power. To get you jazzed about the new year, laser focused on your goals, and in a positive mood, we searched online for T-shirts that share empowering messages you’ll want to live by, and share with others. These are 15 Latinx-owned Etsy shops with statement tees that help you remember that you are a poderosa capable of anything.

Casa Vera Design Latinas Change the World T-Shirt

Photo: Casa Vera Design/Etsy

We are already making big moves in 2021, and it’s time for even more Latinas to unite to truly change the world. Share the confirmation, and the inspiration to do more, with this 1970s-hued T-shirt by Casa Vera Design. We see this tee looking even more stylish tucked into some equally-70s-esque, flared corduroy pants.

Available at etsy.com, $26-$27


2 Locas No Te Preocupes, Be Happy T-Shirt


This tee is literally speaking our language as in Spanglish. Created by 2 Locas, it reminds us not to worry and be happy; it’s a reminder we all need, especially in these turbulent times.

Available at etsy.com, $20


Vida and Wild Raising Tiny Change Makers T-Shirt


If you’re a Latina mama, chances are you are raising your kids to be active and good citizens that will make change in the world. Rep your badassery with Vida and Wild’s Raising Tiny Change Makers T-shirt. While you’re at it, make your kid the coolest at virtual school,with a matching kids tee that says “tiny change maker.”

Available at vidaandwild.com, $29


Jen Zeano Designs Viva La Mujer T-Shirt

Latinas have historically had to fight, but it has made us stronger. Jen Zeano Designs wanted to honor that perserverance with a T-shirt that reads, “long live the woman who fights.” We’re also digging the perfect-for-spring pastel color palette.

Available at etsy.com, $30


Lil Miss Rosies Soy del Tipo de Mujer T-Shirt

Photo: LilMissRosies/Etsy

Frida Kahlo continues to be a Latina legend, icon, and inspiration decades following her death. Her quotes are emblazoned on all kinds of products because they instantly uplift and empower. Lil Miss Rosies made a shirt that shares one of Kahlo’s most famous quotes: “I’m the type of woman who, if I want the moon, I will lower it myself.” It’s just the feminist, si se puede line, that we want to hear–and see–time and time again.

Available at etsy.com, $18.83-$21.25


The Moody Activist They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds T-Shirt


We are always praying for our come up, although there are those who’d rather we stay right where we are. This long-sleeved tee, from The Moody Activist, and Dubbed Clothing, shares the sentiment stylishly. Pair with black sweats for a casual-yet-sharp look.

Available at etsy.com, $30


the Trendy Studio She Se Puede T-Shirt

Photo: theTrendyStudio/Etsy

Ever since Dolores Huerta said the words, “Sí, se puede”, we have been using them as a rallying cry for making the impossible happen. The Trendy Studio has a cool T-shirt that pairs three fists of different colors, with the updated feminist version of the slogan, “she se puede.” It comes in black, as well as maroon, and white.

Available at etsy.com, $23.40-$25.20


Mundo Latinx Somos el Futuro T-Shirt

Photo: MundoLatinx/Etsy

As we have proven at the polls and in commerce, Latinxs are the future both in numbers and in buying power. Keep the momentum going with this retro tee from Mundo Latinx that proclaims “We are the Future” in Spanish. The green font also is giving us serious save-the-planet vibes, so this shirt is a total win-win situation for creating a better 2021.

Available at etsy.com, $24.99-$31.49


Karla and Co. Mujer Poderosa T-Shirt


Latinas are truly powerful women, and we aren’t afraid to let everyone and anyone know that. You can share the message, in a strong-yet-feminine way, in this cute, pink T-shirt from Karla and Co. The phrase “mujer poderosa (powerful woman), looks like it was written in lipstick, making it also a fun tee for beauty lovers.

Available at etsy.com, $21.25-$26.35


Jen Zeano Designs Latina Feminist T-Shirt

Jen Zeano Designs is a brand that consistently comes out with Latinx-repping, inspiring tees that we want to add to our online cart, like ahora. Another T-shirt we had to add to this list is her “more feminism, less machismo” one. In stylish pink and golden yellow, and emblazoned with big letters, it’s a look–and a message–we can stand behind.

Available at etsy.com, $30-$32


Mujeres Rising Be Kind T-Shirt

Photo: MujeresRising/Etsy

There are certain messages that should be seen and heard on a regular basis. This tee, by Mujeres Rising, has three of them: be kind, be you, keep rising. It’s a great reminder to be strong, and an individual, but to also be kind in the process.

Available at etsy.com, $19.99


Nacho Average Hype Shop Viva La Vida T-Shirt

Photo: NachoAverageHypeShop/Etsy

We can’t depend on people, places, or things to make us happy and at the end of the day it’s up to us to make the best of it. We definitely need all the positive quotes, words, and products to keep us shining bright for this new year, so we recommendd this vibrant tee from Nacho Average Hype Shop. In Spanish, it reads, “live your life and enjoy it all.”

Available at etsy.com, $25.95


A State of Mind Design Company Empowered Latina T-Shirt

Photo: AsomDesignCo/Etsy

It can take a lifetime to become empowered, so once you’re there, celebrate and honor the progress because it’s a series of little steps taken every day. We would like to celebrate wearing this sleek and elegant, black and gold T-shirt from A State of Mind Design Company.

Available at etsy.com, $20


Mujeres Rising Political T-Shirt

Photo: MujeresRising/Etsy

We’ve made political moves in 2020, but there continue to be issues that need to be addressed in this new year. Mujeres Rising has yet another empowering shirt to rock in 2021; this one lists things that need to get better this year: the “Green New Deal, immigrant rights, universal healthcare, economic justice, gun sense, and justice reform.”

Available at etsy.com, $19.99


2 Locas Inteligente, Fuerte, & Valiente T-Shirt

Photo: 2Locas/Etsy

Another tee from 2 Locas that will have you feeling fierce in 2021 is their “intelligent, strong, and brave” T-shirt. It’s a sartorial reminder of the wonderful qualities you have, and we love the pretty mauve color the shirt comes in for a cute yet neutral look.

Available at etsy.com, $20

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