12 Stationery Items from Latina-owned Brands to Organize Your Life in 2024

From cute planners and notebooks to motivational pencils, here are 12 stationery items you need this year from Latina-owned brands

Latina stationery 2024

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It’s officially a brand-new year and the time for manifestations and intention-setting for the new year. In order to stay focused and organized, journals help us stay on track. Now it’s not just the perfect time to invest in a new journal/planner, it’s also a chance to support a Latina-owned brands like Bella Dona LA and Hija de tu Madre. Whether it’s a set of Chingona pencils or a Selena-themed notepad, adding a pop of Latina flair to our spaces will be sure to improve our mood, motivate us, increase our productivity, and maybe even make our planning and work fun. Read on to learn more about 12 stationery items from Latina-owned brands to help you make those jefa moves.

Big Plans Bundle — Bella Dona LA

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: Bella Dona LA

The Bella Dona LA Big Plans Bundle is the perfect combo of cute and functional. This four-piece set includes their 2024 Planner filled with original sticker designs, motivational quotes, a habit tracker, monthly budget, and doodle pages; an Airbrush Hearts Notebook with 160 double-sided pages; an Airbrush Hearts Notepad with 60 sheets and a magnet to hang in your office space; and a pad of Airbrush Hearts Sticky Notes with 100 sheets. From scribbling down notes to planning out your week, you’ll have everything you need all in one set.

BD Big Plans Bundle, $65, available at bella-dona.com.

Poco a Poco Undated Weekly Planner — Hija de Tu Madre

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: Hija de Tu Madre

Want a planner without the pressure of a year-long structure? Look no further than the Poco a Poco Undated Weekly Planner from Hija De Tu Madre. Designed to work with your schedule and to be started at any time, the planner features undated spreads for 13 months and 52 weeks, as well as sticker pages, monthly progress worksheets, and lined and blank pages. Say good-bye to wasted pages and hello to a notebook you can update on your own terms so that it’s useful from start to finish.

Poco a Poco Undated Weekly Planner, $40, available at hijadetumadre.com.

Gal With A Plan 2024 — Valfré

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: Valfré

If you’re into art, look no further than Valfré’s 2024 Gal With A Plan planner featuring the artist’s unique and original artwork. Featuring a buttery hardcover, this 12-month planner is good for the entire year of 2024 and features original artwork, custom stickers, note pages, and weekly and monthly calendar spreads. There’s also a ribbon bookmark to make sure you always keep your place.

Gal With A Plan 2024, $32, available at valfre.com.

Make It Happen Mija Spanglish Notepad & Blank Sticky Notes — quieroprints

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: Etsy

This two-piece notepad and sticky note set from quieroprints is a must-have for your desk set-up. The bundle features a 50-sheet notepad for important notes and doodles, as well as a 50-sheet sticky note pad for quick reminders. The best part? Both read “Make It Happen Mija” and feature a star and dot design to bring a pop of color to your day.

Make It Happen Mija Spanglish Notepad & Blank Sticky Notes, $8.99, available at etsy.com.

Todo a Su Tiempo Notepad — Papelitos Lindos

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: Papelitos Lindos

The Todo a Su Tiempo Notepad from Papelitos Lindos is an all-in-one organizer for everything that might come up throughout your busy day.The 50-sheet pad features boxes for to-do lists, gratitude lists, reminders, mental and physical wellness check-ins, and celebrations of the day’s accomplishments. Available in a soft lavender color, this is handy to have next to you while you work to make sure you’re staying on track.

Todo a Su Tiempo Notepad, $16, available at papelitoslindos.com.

I am Latina Notebook — Café Con Leche Planher

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: Café Con Leche Planher

Café Con Leche Planher’s I am Latina Notebook is a perfect celebration of Latinidad and an emotional boost to keep you motivated throughout the day. The hardcover notebook features an illustration of a group of Latinas and on the inside, lined pages that you can tear off and continue to use with ease. It’s a versatile notebook that’s a reminder to always be proud of your roots.

I am Latina Notebook, $20, available at cafeconlecheplanher.com.

‘Educated Latina’ Stationery Pack  Shop La Maestra

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: Shop La Maestra

More Latinas than ever are earning college degrees and what better way to celebrate that than with the ‘Educated Latina’ Stationery Pack from Shop La Maestra? This exclusive bundle includes the shop’s best-selling items including five “Educated Latina” and “Chingona” graphite pencils; two Educated Latina vinyl and matte stickers, and a notepad that reads “From the desk of La Chingona.” This is the perfect way to keep you motivated during late night studying.

‘Educated Latina’ Stationery Pack, $11, available at shoplamaestra.com.

Latino Mashup Sticky Notes  The Latino Shop

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: The Latino Shop

Add a quick and easy pop of color to your desk with the Latino Mashup Sticky Notes from The Latino Shop. This 50-sheet pad features dozens of references to Latinidad including pan dulce, marzipan candy, Takis, Vaporub, Hot Cheetos, and more. Whether you need to write down quick reminders to yourself like deadlines, important dates, or appointments, this is essential to keep your schedule in check.

Latino Mashup Sticky Notes, $4.50, available at thelatinoshop.com.

From the Desk of La Chingona Notepad  Artelexia

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: Artelexia

Want to show everyone that you mean business? You’ll want to grab the From The Desk Of La Chingona notepad from Artelexia. Featuring 50 lavender-colored pages and the words “From The Desk Of La Chingona” in hot pink, this will help you stay organized, take notes, stay on track, and bring a flair of fun and humor to your home office or workplace. Be the chingona you know you are!

From the Desk of La Chingona Notepad, $12, available at artelexia.com.

La Mera Mera, Chingona y La Jefa Pencil Pack  MISfitted

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: MISfitted

To match your new stationery set you’ll need equally stylish pencils. We recommend the La Mera Mera, Chingona y La Jefa Pencil Pack from MISfitted. This three-piece set features one La Jefa pencil in dark purple, one Chingona pencil in light purple, and one La Mera Mera pencil in white. Ready to sharpen and write down all your best ideas and goals for the day.

La Mera Mera, Chingona y La Jefa Pencil Pack, $6.75, available at etsy.com.

Be Your Own Kind of Bonita Notepad  GorditaPeroCute 

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: Etsy

For that extra pop of color you’re looking to add to your desk, check out the Be Your Own Kind of Bonita Notepad from GorditaPeroCute. Handmade in Houston, Texas, this 50-sheet pad is available in a soft magenta pink and reads “Be Your Own Kind of Bonita” in white lettering to give you a boost of self-love and motivation throughout the day.

Be Your Own Kind of Bonita Notepad, $8, available at etsy.com

LATINA Productivity planner, cute stationery, notepad set  ExVotoDesign

Latina stationery 2024
Photo: ExVotoDesign

For all our Selena fans, you’ll want to get your hands on the LATINA notepad set from ExVotoDesin, a three-pack set that doubles as a love letter to La Reina herself. The bundle features the 50-sheet Con Tanto Amor sticky note pad with a purple rose; the purple 50-sheet Dreaming Of… lined notepad with tear-off sheets; and the pink 50-sheet Bidi Bidi Done Done (see what they did there?) notepad with space to keep track of your daily to-do lists. Blast the Selena music and use these pads to get to work.

LATINA Productivity planner, cute stationery, notepad set, $28, available at etsy.com.   

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