6 Times My Mom Would Have Given the ‘Stranger Things’ Kids the Chancla

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Season 3 of  Netflix’s Stranger Things was full of cheers and tears. I loved every minute of it but one thing that surprised me was how these little white kids were really out here in these streets being super disrespectful. As much as I love the entire cast, my jaw dropped at some of the things they would say. And I couldn’t help thinking about how my mother would have straight murdered me if I ever spoke to a grown-up like that. Real talk, there were a few moments when even I would have taken off my chancla. I don’t know about you, but at 32 I’m not letting some 13-year-old with a bowl cut talk crap to me. Nothing truly illustrates the differences in our cultures like the way children are taught to treat their elders. Here are 6 moments when the Stranger Things kids would have gotten a chanclazo from my Mom.

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