9 Chic Clip-On Earrings That Won’t Make You Look Like a Vieja


I don’t wear earrings. Most people don’t notice, but when they do and proceed to ask why, they’re quite often surprised by my response. I don’t wear earrings because I’ve had earlobe repair surgery done not once – but twice – and I refuse to put my delicate ears through that again. Long story short, I wore my ears out throughout high school and my first few years of college, wearing heavy hoop and dangling earrings that caused one of my earlobes to straight up rip. Yes girl, that can really happen.

If you wear heavy earrings often, over time they can potentially cause the piercing to stretch – and in my case – eventually rip.  It’s also quite common. In fact, it even happened to Beyonce in the middle of one of her Formation tour performances last fall.

Trust me, it ain’t cute. The first time my earlobe ripped – my left one to be exact – I was in the fifth grade. This was a terrible age for this to happen because all my classmates compared my ripped earlobe to a baby vagina, so you could only imagine how self-conscious I felt at the time. Seriously, kids are the worst. Long story short, my parents paid for me to have the earlobe stitched back together. But the plastic surgeon made the mistake of leaving some space within the actual rip for me to eventually wear earrings, rather than piercing me a new hole – big mistake. By my third year in college, it ripped again and I had to get the surgery done for the second time around.

My ear healed up quickly and beautifully and so I had decided not to re-pierce it again, in fear that the same thing will happen again. I have occasionally worn cute clip-on earrings here and there, but for the most part I’ve kept my ears bare – because clip-on earrings that don’t make you look like a viejita are hard to come by. But after recently learning that big hoop earrings were coming back in style, I did some searching online and was surprised by the number of chic clip-on earring options I was able to find. If you’ve struggled with a ripped earlobe or just don’t want to bother piercing or repairing your ears – don’t stress. I rounded up a few stylish and ageless clip-ons earrings that will have you slaying all season long – check them out!

9 Clip-On Earrings That Won't Make You Look Like a Vieja HipLatina

These long hanging earrings make a serious statement. Serena va der Woodsen from Gossip Girl wore these statement-worthy chandelier clip-ons from Amrita Singh, in case you needed further proof that these babies are dope AF. Amrita Singh Beatrice Earrings, $120




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