10 Startling Revelations From Suzette Quintanilla’s Interview About Her Sister Selena

Last week, Suzette Quintanilla, along with her family were in Los Angeles for the unveiling of Selena’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


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Last week, Suzette Quintanilla, along with her family were in Los Angeles for the unveiling of Selena’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was a monumental moment for several reasons, but mainly because she was finally being recognized in this historic way. In honor of this huge event, Selena’s sister, Suzette did the press rounds as the family spokesperson. And it was her interview on Power 106’s The Cruz Show that we heard so many truths for the very first time.



Suzette disclosed so many interesting tidbits that left us amazed during the interview. For example, when talking about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, while many felt that this moment was long over due, Suzette said that she felt the time was just right. She said that the new generation of Selena fans have so much love for her and have learned so much about her, that honoring now felt that even more people would be able to really appreciate this moment.

Here’s some other highlights from the interview…


What did she think about everyone dressing up as Selena for Halloween?

“Honestly they all looked great.” Suzette really did like Demi, Kim Kardashian, and America Ferrera as Selena.


“Hip hop has embraced Selena,” J Cruz said on his show.


Host J Cruz talked about how so many in the hip hop world have given a shoutout to Selena, including Drake. “Yeah it’s crazy!” Suzette said.

Suzette also brought up the fact that Cardi B also made a reference to Selena, when she rapped: “Let me wrap my weave up/ I’m the trap Selena.” Suzette thinks it’s amazing.

 “I think it’s an honor because it just shows that Selena is a legend and she’s being recognized — not just in the Latino community or in Latin music, she’s worldwide,” Suzette said.


Suzette and Selena rarely fought.

“Selena and I rarely fought,” Suzette said. “I know I am a lot bigger than her so we never fought about clothes or shoes or stuff like that. Most sisters argue about stuff like that.”


The star in Hollywood is even more special because of where it’s located.

“The fact that they’re putting it [the star] in front of the Capitol building…that’s like full circle for me,” Suzette said. “I had a flashback.” Selena and the band were signed by Capitol Records, so having the star there was huge because that’s where they’d go when they’d be in L.A.


Selena never met Tupac!! Case closed.

“She never did,” Suzette said. “I know there’s a picture of them together, but that’s just good photoshop.”


Selena hated being called “Selenas”

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“That’s why they stuck that in there [the movie] because she hated being called ‘Selenas.'”


Selena’s favorite song was “More Than Words.”

“She played that song on the bus all the time!” Suzette said.


What did Jennifer Lopez whisper to Suzette during the Billboard Awards?

A fan asked Suzette what J.Lo had whispered to her after her special performance of Selena in 2015.

Suzette said that moment was very special for her and loved the performance by J.Lo. But of that one moment, when J.Lo got close to Suzette, which made her cry and walkaway, Suzette said that J.Lo didn’t say anything but just held her tight. The moment was so overwhelming for both of them that she had to leave.


The Kardashians have loved Selena for a long time.


“A lot of people don’t know this but I’m good friends with Adrienne Bailon,” Suzette said. Back story: Adrienne used to date Rob Kardashian back in the day. So Suzette talked about a time when Adrienne called her up and the Kardashian sisters were on the line. She said they were all singing Selena’s music.

“They’re big fans of our music from way back. And so to have [Kim] dress like that, it wasn’t really a big surprise for me, it was definitely a great honor.”


Suzette really did cut Chris Perez’s hair.

Suzette said she truly was the band’s fashion maven and actually did cut Chris’s hair, which was depicted in the movie.

Watch the entire entire here:


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