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‘Not Dead Yet’ Becomes Most-Watched Comedy Debut at ABC in Four Years

Sofía Aguilar
We love seeing Latinx-led shows breaking records and making history in media and entertainment. ABC’s newest show Not Dead Yet, which stars Puerto Rican actress Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) released its first two episodes on the cable network and Hulu on...
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Mayan Lopez Brings Heart and Humor to TV with ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’

Virginia Isaad
Actress, producer, and writer Mayan Lopez, 26, took to TikTok like most people did during the pandemic,  for trending and silly videos sprinkled in with some more serious storytelling. About two years ago, she posted a TikTok about some of...
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7 Hilarious Latinx Stand Up Comedy Specials on Netflix Right Now

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Laughter is the best medicine, and God knows that we need some laughter right about now with everything happening around the world. The following are seven hilarious Latinx stand-up comedy specials, streaming now on Netflix, that will have you chuckling....
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7 Latinx Comedy Specials On Netflix Right Now You Can’t Miss

Priscilla Blossom
There have always been Latinx comedians, but they haven’t always received proper recognition. Over the past century, only a handful have become well-known internationally. Desi Arnaz did it. John Leguizamo did it. George Lopez did it. But there are so...