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5 Latina Comedians Who’ll Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

In light of SNL’s recent addition of their first Latina comedian to their cast Melissa Villaseñor (who is a queen when it comes to impressions) we thought we would highlight some of the many other Latina comedians out there you may not have heard of.

Patti Vasquez

A Mexican-American comedian, Patti has dubbed herself the Lipstick Mom. She’s a Chicago native who proves that comedic timing is truly a gift of intellect. Patti has her bachelor’s in History from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and she began her PhD at Northwestern before quitting to commit full time to being a comedian.

In addition to touring as a stand-up comedian, she has her own talk show on Chicago station WGN “The Patti Vasquez Show,” and is developing a television series on ABC loosely based on her own life. She’s also an advocate. In 2014 she started a company called “With Kind Words,” a consultation firm that encourages healthcare providers provide more compassionate communication to their patients.

Marga Gomez

A comedian who’s truly making a splash right now, Marga Gomez seems to take an impish sort of glee in saying the things everyone’s thinking but no one wants to say. She’s appeared on HBO, Comedy Central, and has an upcoming role in season two of the Netflix Original series “Sense 8.”

The San Francisco Chronicle named her 2016’s artist to watch, and she made herself a distinctive figure by being one of the first openly lesbian comedians on the comedy circuit. She’s also a prolific playwright.

If you like your comedy with the perfect amount of tongue-in-cheek bite, Gomez is the comedian for you.

Jenni Ruiza

An NYC-based actress, writer, and comedian—Jenni Ruiza is making her name through her co-founding, writing, and producing of the web series “Comedy High,” which she describes as “female driven comedy that is intelligently risqué.” (This spoof of Rihanna’s “Stay” is particularly memorable).

She often works with fellow Latina comedian Jesenia (here’s there spoof of a classic Tenacious D song, and she cohosts the weekly podcast “The Fixx.” Jenni is young, sassy, and poised to make her mark on the comedy world.

Joanna Hausmann

A truly diverse comedian, Joanna Hausmann is bicultural and well-traveled. A Latina Jew, Hausmann was born in England, spent most of her childhood in Caracas, Venezuela, went to school at NYU, USC, and has worked with Chicago’s famous comedy club “The Second City.”

She writes and produces full time for Univision’s bilingual digital platform “Flama,” which houses her show “Joanna Rants,” a web-series that has garnered over 8 million views.

This video about various Spanish accents is one of her most famous.

Anjelah Johnson

Perhaps the most famous on the list, Anjelah got her start as a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Anjelah joined season 13 of MadTV and spawned one of YouTube’s most monstrous hits “Bon Qui Qui.” The initial video has almost 72 million views.

Johnson now has record deal with Warner Brother’s to record an entire album as the famous character called “Gold Plated Dreams.”

Her character driven spunk and commitment is incredible and if you’re not familiar you should hit YouTube immediately. In fact, we’ve brought it to you![tps_footer][article_ad][/tps_footer]