7 Latinx Comedy Specials On Netflix Right Now You Can’t Miss

There have always been Latinx comedians, but they haven’t always received proper recognition

Photo: Unsplash/@glenncarstenspeters

Photo: Unsplash/@glenncarstenspeters

There have always been Latinx comedians, but they haven’t always received proper recognition. Over the past century, only a handful have become well-known internationally. Desi Arnaz did it. John Leguizamo did it. George Lopez did it. But there are so many other great Latinx comedians these days that deserve the same recognition, if not more so. This list features a number of funny Latinxs, some of which you may have never heard of, and others which you may have simply not known were Latinx (seriously, we are everywhere). The next time you turn to Netflix, make sure to add all these Latinx comedy specials to your queue.

Sofia Niño de Rivera: Expuesto

Sofia Niño de Rivera used to work in advertising, but now she pays the bills with her comedy skills. The 36-year-old Mexican comedian has been at the stand-up game roughly seven years now, and is the first female comedian to get her own Spanish-language Netflix special. And once you’re done watching it, make sure to catch her on the Netflix Original series Club de Cuervos and in her other Netflix special, Seleccion Natural.

Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy

To kids she’s the voice of Cruz Ramirez, but Cristela Alonzo is so much more than a super fast yellow race car my son won’t shut up about. The Cars 3 voice actress is a much needed breath of fresh air in the comedy world. Tackling race, class, and immigration, Alonzo makes sure that every joke and especially every punchline is much more than a laugh, and for that, we’re thankful.

Malena Pichot: Estupidez Completa

Feminism is at the forefront of Malena Pichot’s act, so we like her right off the bat. The brutally honest Argentine comedian isn’t afraid to touch on subjects like religion, menstruation, and sexual harassment—complete with heavy laughs from her audience. Pichot’s style is understated, but if calling out the patriarchy is your thing, you’re definitely going to love her.

Simplemente Manu NNa


Manu NNa’s standup is meant to be watched and enjoyed while sipping vino with your bestie. I knew this from the moment he made a joke that his greatest goal in life was to become Thalia (you and everyone else, Manu!) Seriously, though. NNa’s special is all kinds of amazing. 

Please note that this video is not a trailer for his special.

Carlos Ballarta: El Amor Es De Putos


You might recognize Carlos Ballarta’s special thanks to his satirical (or perhaps merely admiring) take on one of Kurt Cobain’s signature looks. He’s even got the stage set up like his MTV Unplugged special, flowers and all. But don’t let that distract you. Ballarta knows exactly how to put on a good show and never misses a beat in this incredible special.

Please note that this video is not a trailer for his special.

Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers

Fans of Portlandia (and those who somehow have yet to discover it) will totally love this great stand-up special. Armisen, who is half-Venezuelan, uses his quick, dry wit to keep audiences laughing, from giggle to guttural. The 51-year-old comedy actor goes from impression to joke to impression so quickly you might have to watch it twice, but it’s well worth it.

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