Latinas Share The Cringiest Pickup Lines Men Have Tried To Use On Them

The chifla: a Latino's way of saying "how you doin'?" If you're not getting whistled at on the street then you've probably run into some cringy pickup lines while you're at the bar or on dating apps

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The chifla: a Latino’s way of saying “how you doin’?” If you’re not getting whistled at on the street then you’ve probably run into some cringy pickup lines while you’re at the bar or on dating apps. And while men approach you in hopes of getting your phone number or meeting up later, they sometimes don’t realize how uncomfortable their “conversation starter” can be. How many of us get that instant feeling of “WTF do I say?” Well, we can’t exactly tell you how to respond but we can share these nine pickups lines that Latinas shared on TikTok. We seriously can’t make this stuff up and yes, even the pandemic gets turned into a punchline.


“Are you a piojo? Because you’re always stuck in my head chiquita.”


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Well played, sir, but no thank you. While comparing a woman to lice is not the epitome of romantic or suave, we would give him credit for creativity. Most women would say he’s like a piojo in that they’d try to get rid of him.wp_*posts

“You must be Trump’s wall, because I can’t get over you.”

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Why does this seem like the cringey pickup line that probably had a lifespan as long as Trump’s presidency? Trump and romance never go hand in hand so kicking off a conversation with the former president is most likely not the smartest choice.


“If corona doesn’t take you out, can I?”

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Quarantine has us indoors and out of the social scene. But if you use this on a girl, you may not come across well-versed in the art of seduction or being sensitive to the painful reality of the coronavirus. Please do like Trump in January 2021 and see yourself out.


“Are you a chancla? Because you be hittin’ different.”

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Latinxs truly know the feeling the chancla brings us, both the fear and pain. If you ever hear this line, let them know how your mom would handle them with the chancla.


“If I can open a Mazapan without breaking it, imagine how I can take care of your heart.”

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We all know that Mazapan is the way to a Latina’s heart. So we wouldn’t be surprised if guys actually score a date with this one. If he actually busts out a Mazapan, he may actually be a keeper.


“Ay caramba! Estas más caliente que un jalapeño. Mejor me pongo un guante cuando te manipulo.”

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What if spicy food gives us heartburn? If he’s looking for some “pica pica” then we suggest he gets some Tajin instead.


“I’m Nike and you’re McDonalds. I’m doin’ it and you’re lovin’ it.”

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Who knew McDonalds could find its way into a pickup line?  While we can appreciate the witty use of their famous motto,  we’re gonna do like a KitKat and break if off.


“Hi, I think I gave you Coronavirus because I can’t stop staring achoo.”


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First of all, if someone is saying this to you, back up six feet. Second of all, no. We get that after almost of a year of being in quarantine you gotta laugh about it but go ahead and put a mask on please.


“You can’t spell virus without U and I.”


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Pandemic-themed pickup lines have become massively popular among Tinder users this year. Do you swipe right more with a disinfectant wipe on a table or with your finger on Tinder?

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