10 Stylish Face Masks to Add to Your Collection

Who would have ever thought that we would end up having not only one face mask, but a collection? Coronavirus has forced us to rethink our health, lifestyle, and even our fashion

Photo: MujeresRising/Etsy

Photo: MujeresRising/Etsy

Who would have ever thought that we would end up having not only one face mask, but a collection? Coronavirus has forced us to rethink our health, lifestyle, and even our fashion. Most of us have what can be considered a face mask wardrobe, and if we’re to wear these coverings on the regular, we want them to reflect who we are. This means shopping for options in our favorite colors, patterns, and pop culture references and as always, repping our Latinidad.

We are all about finding and sharing the best in fashion and style, and that extends to what we use to protect us from this pandemic. We did some online sleuthing, and found 10 face masks, most from Latinx designers, to keep you looking fly when it’s time to go outside. These aren’t meant to replace medical grade masks, but can be worn over them to add some style and many have a pocket for a filter.

Martha of Miami Vivaporu Mask

Photo: Martha of Miami

Even if it’s not the cure-all our mamas would have us believe, Vick’s Vapor Rub, a.k.a. Vivaporu is a Latinx cultural staple. Just the smell of it can help us feel healthier, comforted, and provide a dose of familial nostalgia. Martha of Miami knows this, making a mask that offers a barrier against COVID, with some added Vivaporu protection.

Available at marthaofmiami.com, $10


Mujeres Rising Face Mask

Photo: MujeresRising/Etsy

A face mask with an important message is the added bonus we need in our daily lives. Mujeres Rising created a mask that shares not only their name, but the statement that women are indeed rising up, and causing powerful changes. This is just what we need and want to see in 2021.

Available at etsy.com, $10.99


Masks by JB Frida Kahlo Face Mask

Photo: MasksbyJB/Etsy

Frida Kahlo is an icon and a legend, so it’s no surprise that her face is emblazoned on many stylish face masks. We liked this one from Masks by JB, which shows several different Fridas, made even bolder in stark black and white.

Available at etsy.com, $8-$10


De Nuevo Vintage Red and Navy Floral Embroidered Face Mask

Photo: DeNuevoVintage/Etsy

This De Nuevo Vintage face mask is what you want when you want your mask to be a fashion statement. Rich embroidery takes the traditional face covering up another level, and there is also added protection, via two layers of fabric, and a filter pocket. This mask is made in partnership with a woman-led business out of the Yucatán Peninsula, with proceeds getting reinvested back into her business.

Available at etsy.com, $12.80


Cafe con Yessi Iced Coffee Face Mask

Photo: CafeconYessi/Etsy

One of the few things we still occasionally leave the house  is a cafecito from our local coffee shop. Why not show your love for perpetually being caffeinated with this adorable face mask from Cafe con Yessi? It’s one of those unique, fun patterns that will make you, and those around you (six feet away, of course), smile.

Available at etsy.com, $12


Cha Cha Covers Strawberry Lovers Face Masks

Photo: Cha Cha Covers

Whether you love strawberries, the colors red and pink, are feeling nostalgic for Strawberry Shortcake–or all three–you’ll want to nab these super cute face masks from Cha Cha Covers. The brand is known for making dope coverings for your nails, but lately, they’ve added cool masks to their offerings.

Available at cha-cha-covers.2.myshopify.com, $12 (child’s size), $15 (adult size), $19 for both


geekchicfashion Kamala Harris Face Mask

Kamala Harris made history when she became the first Black and Asian vice president when Joe Biden was elected. We can keep celebrating the major win and the awesomeness to come with this chic Kamala face mask from geekchicfashion. Another Kamala Harris mask option features her quote, “I’m speaking,” as well as an equally-cool Ruth Bader Ginsburg mask.

Available at geekchicclothing.com, $17.50


Everlane The 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack

Photo: Everlane

Want a set of face masks that are in neutral hues, but that are fashionable? Everlane created various sets of 100% cotton masks that will go with everything in your wardrobe that add a touch of style.This five-piece set comes in an on-trend tie-dye pattern.

Available at everlane.com, $25


The Threaded Spool Llama Face Mask

Photo: TheThreadedSpool/Etsy

Who doesn’t think llamas are adorable? These from Threaded Spool are just too cute to pass up. You can choose from a colorful rainbow colorway, or classic and neutral white and black. Either way, the llamas will let everyone know how cool you are.

Available at etsy.com, $11.96


Blissy 100% Mulberry Silk Face Mask

There is always the consumer who wants the luxury option when shopping for products. They will love this 100% mulberry silk face mask from Blissy. It will shield your face, while also providing some soothing self-care. The mask is available in pink, as well as black, tie-dye, and silver.

Available at blissy.com, $14.95

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