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10 Afro-Latina and Black-Owned Haircare Brands You Need to Try

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Finding the right haircare products for your specific hair type can be a challenge, especially when you have naturally curly or kinky hair. It’s something that many Afro-Latinx and Black women have dealt with their entire lives, particularly because finding...

Upcoming Documentary Discusses The Potential Dangers of ‘Black’ Hair Products

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
One woman has decided to produce a documentary exposing the extreme dangers of popular black haircare products including relaxers, hot oil treatments and leave-in conditioners among others. Back in April 2018, natural hair blogger Tola Okogwu appeared in a BBC...

This Latina’s Afro-Mexican Roots Inspired Her To Create a Curl-Care Line

Yvette Montoya
Right now hair is everywhere and has become part of a national debate about race, privilege, and self-acceptance. Celebrities like Colin Kaepernick and Lupita Nyong’o have spoken out and empowered their communities by proving that curly and textured hair is...

Dominican Curly Hair Blogger Farah Pink’s Tips to Repairing Heat-Damaged Curls

Johanna Ferreira
Take it from someone who knows, learning to lay off the heat and embrace the frizz, while your curls recover from heat-damage can be frustrating AF. Healthy curls don’t just bounce back overnight. Fortunately, there are Insta-famous ladies like Dominican...