Dominican Curly Hair Blogger Farah Pink’s Tips to Repairing Heat-Damaged Curls

Take it from someone who knows, learning to lay off the heat and embrace the frizz, while your curls recover from heat-damage can be frustrating AF. Healthy curls don’t just bounce back overnight. Fortunately, there are Insta-famous ladies like Dominican curly hair and lifestyle blogger, @farahpink to keep us motivated throughout this journey. Farah suffered from heat-damage herself after years of getting weekly blowouts at the Dominican salon but finally got her gorgeous rizos once she learned how to nurture them back to life. Check out her journey for tips and #curlsgoals inspiration.

Farah grew up in a Dominican home where curls were not embraced.“Growing up in a Dominican household , curly hair was not something that was encouraged unless you had the “good” curly hair. To old school Dominicans my hair is considered a “pajon” or “messy.” In their defense, I just don’t think they were taught by their parents that natural hair is beautiful,” Farah wrote on her blog.

Farah curly hair

Credit: Farah Pink (Farah is the girl feature on the left.)

She has been straightening her hair since she was little. “I believe my first “desrizado” or hair relaxer” happened around the age of six or seven. My mom would send me to the hair salon religiously every Saturday morning for a dreadful four hours of washing, roller setting, torture under a HOT hair dryer followed by a 30 minute blow dryer session that involved a lot of hair pulling and tears,” she wrote. “My hairdresser would always say “el que quiere pelo bonito aguanta jalones.” The struggles was real.

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