10 Afro-Latina and Black-Owned Haircare Brands You Need to Try

Finding the right haircare products for your specific hair type can be a challenge, especially when you have naturally curly or kinky hair

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Finding the right haircare products for your specific hair type can be a challenge, especially when you have naturally curly or kinky hair. It’s something that many Afro-Latinx and Black women have dealt with their entire lives, particularly because finding products that help us achieve the look that we want without using harmful ingredients felt like an impossible task for so long. There are now more haircare brands like MicMas Remix created by Afro-Latinas and Black women who can relate to the struggle and developed haircare lines that address the unique needs of textured hair. Over the past decade or so, the world of natural haircare has changed drastically for the better, specifically because Black and brown women have developed some seriously incredible products for their own high-quality haircare brands. So if you’re searching for just the right products for your luscious locks, check out some of our favorite Afro-Latinx and Black-owned haircare brands here:wp_*posts

MicMas Remix

Created by Afro-Boricua Adassa Ramirez, MicMas Remix is a line of hair products made with 100 percent organic and pure ingredients that are fair trade, non-GMO, raw, unrefined and sustainable. MicMas Remix is currently offering a deep conditioner, a vegan shampoo and two different hair oils including one that is protein-free and ideal for low-porosity hair which typically does not absorb moisture well.wp_*posts

Rizos Curls

Uber-successful Rizos Curls was born out of sheer frustration with the lack of products catering to people with curly hair. Founder Julissa Prado who identifies as Afro-Mexican, wanted to embrace her natural curls and began making her own products inspired by the natural ingredients she grew up using. Rizos Curls is now available in Target and Ulta (where it’s the first Latina-owned curly hair care line) and offers a full range of  products that are sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free.wp_*posts

Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls is a proudly Afro-Dominicana-owned haircare brand offering a line of high-end, organic products that includes its signature Dominican Forbidden Oil, a deep conditioning hair mask and a multivitamin supplement formulated to encourage healthy hair, nails and skin. Creator Lulu Cordero was inspired by the ingredients and haircare methods traditionally used in the Dominican Republic and each product the company offers is a nod to her heritage and the “beauty secrets” of her culture. The products are now available on the company’s website and from Nordstrom.wp_*posts

Dominican Curly

Dominican Curly, founded by Consy Toribio, focuses on truly nourishing textured hair, even from the inside out. The company’s vegan, non-toxic and organic products were created based on the idea that “all hair is good hair.” Products include a shampoo bar, an ayurvedic hair oil and most notably two varieties of “hair tea” that can be used as a rinse, pre-shampoo treatment or to refresh curls.wp_*posts

Camille Rose

Camille Rose is one of the OGs of clean, natural haircare. The Black-owned company was founded by Janell Stephens way back in 2011 and now offers a wide range of products including cream, butters, cleansers, oils and styling products that are suited for a wide range of natural hair textures. Camille Rose products are widely available from major retailers including Target, Walgreens, Sally Beauty and Whole Foods.wp_*posts

Eden Bodyworks

Eden Bodyworks is another full line of haircare products that are natural, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, that has been around for a very long time. The line was created by Jasmine Lawrence back in 2004, at the very start of the natural haircare movement. The brand has grown tremendously since that time and now includes everything from shampoo and conditioner to stylers and gels suited to any and every type of curly hair. Eden Bodyworks products are also widely available at stores like Walmart, Target and Sally Beauty.wp_*posts


Kinky Curly brand hair products are clean, straightforward curly haircare products designed to help people achieve wash and go styles without the use of harsh chemicals. Afro-Caribbean Shelley Davis developed all the products which are alcohol- and silicone-free and are known for being super moisturizing and nourishing. Though the company offers over a dozen different products, Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner and Kinky Curly Curling Custard have a reputation as “holy grail” products for lots of curly girls.wp_*posts

Pattern Beauty

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross (daughter of THE Diana Ross) is known for her beautiful curls so it felt like a natural extension of her brand to develop a hair care line. Pattern Beauty is a relative newcomer to the haircare world since it’s 2018 launch but it’s quickly gained popularity. The line features three different collections that include products for treatment, styling and wash day for people with coils, curls and kinks, all with the goal of truly highlighting Black beauty. So whether you’re looking for a solid deep conditioner or a reliable edge control product, Pattern Beauty has a solution.


Mielle Organics

Mielle Organics is a haircare line created by Monique Rodriguez, with the intention of supporting healthy hair regardless of hair type. Best known for its nourishing hair oils, Mielle Organics also offers a wide range of moisturizers, conditioners, styling products and even organic hair vitamins for children and adults. They also offer an online hair quiz that helps customers match their hair needs with the right products, which is super-helpful for those just beginning their natural haircare journey.wp_*posts

Pink Root Products

Pink Root Products is a bit of a lesser-known brand in the natural haircare community, but it’s doing pretty amazing things. Founded by Dominicana Mariel Mejia who is originally from the Bronx and spent years repairing her own hairs chemical and heat damage, the line uses lots of moisturizing butters like mango butter, shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado butter to nourish and moisturize various hair types. If you have damaged hair, definitely give Pink Root Products a try.

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