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Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions Signs Deal With Netflix

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Jennifer Lopez, 51, is undeniably multi-talented having established herself in music, film, and television — most recently with Shades of Blue and World of Dance — and now her production company is reaching new levels. Lopez announced on Monday that...
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J.Lo is the Only Latinx Actress Over 45 to Star in a Film in the Last 12 Years

Virginia Isaad
Latinx are the largest ethnic minority in the U.S. making up 18.1 percent of the nation’s population. However, the number of Latinx actors and filmmakers in Hollywood — and other industries — don’t reflect this reality. Dr. Stacy L. Smith...

What the #FiercelyLatina Get-Together Got Right About Hollywood—And What Still Needs to Change

Irina Gonzalez
Over the weekend, a bunch of badass Latinas in Hollywood got together to talk about supporting each other. The get-together has been making waves across social media since then, thanks to Gina Rodriguez sharing on her Instagram account the photo...
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Gina Rodriguez Is Voicing Netflix’s ‘Carmen Sandiego’ and Fans Are Thrilled

Jessica Molina
The ever-talented Gina Rodriguez has signed on to voice Carmen Sandiego in Netflix’s upcoming animated reboot. The Jane the Virgin star will undoubtedly lend her sass to the elusive thief, who was known for traveling around the world stealing various...