Mexican filmmaker Gigi Saul Guerrero to Direct Jenni Rivera Biopic

Mexican American Banda singer Jenni Rivera made her mark in the music industry before her tragic death at the age of 43 and now her life is the focus of an upcoming biopic

Jenni Rivera biopic

Photos: Wikimedia by Julio Enriquez; Courtesy of Gigi Saul Guerrerro

Mexican American Banda singer Jenni Rivera made her mark in the music industry before her tragic death at the age of 43 and now her life is the focus of an upcoming biopic. Mexican actress and filmmaker Gigi Saul Guerrero (Into the Dark: Culture Shock) is set to direct Jenni, a much-anticipated biopic about the singer’s career and life. Before Rivera tragically died in a plane crash in Mexico in 2012, she was one of the best-selling regional Mexican artists in history, known for her work in banda, mariachi, norteño, and Latin pop. During her life, she also established charities to assist victims of domestic abuse, especially women and children. She continues to be an important cultural figure for the our community, especially in Mexico thought she did gain national acclaim for her first and only acting gig in Filly Brown, released in 2013. For her story to now be told on the big screen and directed by a fellow Mexicana is a huge win for the community, for Guerrero, and for Rivera’s family.

“I consider myself incredibly lucky to be a filmmaker during a pivotal time in the industry where diversity and authenticity are in high demand,” Guerrero told HipLatina. “I’m so excited to bring to screen the life of Jenni Rivera, one of the most important, powerful and influential Latinas of our time!”
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Guerrero first became known in mainstream entertainment for directing her horror series La Quinceañera in 2017. In 2019, she directed and starred in her critically acclaimed horror anthology series Into the Dark: Culture Shock and Bingo Hell for Amazon Studios. Since then, she has also ventured in acting, including the animated children’s film Angry Birds: Summer Madness, as well as Marvel Superhero Adventures and Super Monsters on Disney Channel and Netflix, respectively. She currently stars and voices Mischa Jackson/Lebron in the animated series on Peacock Supernatural Academy. 
“I grew up watching so many animated movies and shows. I will always have that big kid heart who’s in love with cartoons,” Guerrero previously told HipLatina. “But now to say that it has been a lifelong dream to be part of beautiful storytelling behind and in front of the camera?! I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of that but with my voice.”
With this new project, we’re excited to see how Guerrero explores using the biopic as a new medium of storytelling and how she will bring Jenni back to long-time fans, not to mention the new generations that will be introduced to her music and life on the silver screen.

“Gigi’s unique vision and passion for Jenni’s story made her an easy choice to direct Jenni,” said the film’s producers Javier Chapa and Simon Wise of Mucho Mas Media, according to Variety. “As a Mexican filmmaker and artist on the rise, Gigi is, in many ways, picking up the mantle which Jenni left to us. We are excited she will be joining the team to bring the film to Jenni’s amazing fans.”

 Guerrero tells HipLatina: 
“It’s women like Jenni that inspire young Latinas to work hard and dream big…
Dios me hizo mujer
Mi madre una dama
La gente me hizo cabrona.”
No release date has been announced yet but it will be available to stream on TelevisaUnivision’s streaming service VIX+ and in select theaters in the U.S. and Mexico.

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