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New María Félix Bioseries Captures the Life of Iconic Mexican Actress

Iconic Mexican actress María Félix was considered one of the most beautiful and successful actresses during what’s considered the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. La Doña, as she was known, dominated the industry during the ’40s and ’50s and starred in over 40 films over the course of her career. For the first time in the twenty years since her death in 2002 at the age of 88, a new and authorized bioseries has been made about her life, revealing an intimate, behind-the-scenes look into her childhood, adolescence, and rise to fame. The series, titled María Félix: La Doña and based on the testimonies of Félix’s close friends, features Mexican actress and singer Sandra Echeverría (The Book of Life, The Secret Life of Pets) in the titular role. It first premiered on July 21, 2022 and features a total of eight episodes that are all now streaming on Televisa Univisión’s streaming service ViX+.

“Portraying the life of an iconic figure of Mexico and the world, a woman before her time who broke stereotypes, is a huge challenge and responsibility,” said producer Carmen Armendáriz back in March of this year when the biopic was first announced, according to Hola! “Her story remains relevant today and continues to inspire and empower women, one generation after another. I am proud to be producing the first series about the life of María Félix, which will faithfully represent the legacy she left us.”

As hinted at in the show’s trailers, viewers will be able to see the person behind the celebrity of Félix and how she came to be one of the most revered actresses of her generation. Each episode focuses on critical moments in her life including her repressed childhood being parented by a strict father, her four marriages, being a single parent, and being scouted on the street by Mexican filmmaker Fernando Palacios.

“I am a woman with the heart of a man,” she says during the trailer, one of her most famous quotes.

Expect character appearances throughout the show include Mexican artists Frida Kahlo (Ximena Ayala) and Diego Rivera (Enoc Leaño), fellow actress Dolores del Río (Elsa Ortíz), and actor Jorge Negrete (Mauricio Salas). Additional cast members include Ximena Romo, Abril Vergara, Guillermo García Cantú, Ana Bertha Espín, Josh Gutiérrez, Markin López, Úrsula Pruneda, Ramon Medina, and Helena Rojo.

“I don’t think about how they have to remember me, I think about having a good time, I think about what I have done, I have left a trajectory, I have left a style that I have not seen anymore,” Félix once said in an interview.

All eight episodes of María Félix: La Doña are now available to stream on ViX+.